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SA1 SA1 was one of three single-deckers bought or hired by London Buses in 1989 for comparison purposes in their search for a new heavy-duty single-decker. (The others were Optare Delta DA1 and Renault PR100/2 RN1).

SA1 was a Scania N113CRB, with heavy-looking Alexander PS bodywork, finished in London red with a grey skirt and white waist stripe.

It arrived in August 1989, and went onto training duties at Thornton Heath garage. After an appearance at Showbus it went into service in October, usually on the 59 (Purley - Brixton), but sometimes on the 109. In February 1990 it was swapped with DA1 from Bromley, and worked on the B1 (Eltham - Bromley). It returned to Thornton Heath in June.

But it was not deemed a success in London service, and went back to Scania in October 1990, having worked for just over a year. It was then bought by Black Prince of Morley (near Leeds), in April 1991. There it was part of a cherished Scania fleet, and, well looked after, it stayed in service for another fourteen years, through to the end of Black Prince operations in July 2005. Sold to dealer Blythswood in Glasgow, it then passed on to RH Transport in Oxfordshire.

This history is incomplete. It is being compiled from fragments of data as I gather them.

SA 1  F113 OMJ     8/89    Scania N113CRB, Alexander PS, B51F
                   8/89 TH new to London Buses (Thornton Heath)
                   8/89 TH visited Showbus
                  10/89 TH into service on 59 
                   1989 TH used on 109 
                   2/90 TB transfer for B1 (Bromley)
                   6/90 TH transfer
                  10/90    return to Scania
                   4/91    bought by Black Prince, Morley 
                   */94    in service with Black Prince, #113 
                   7/05    sold to Blythswood (Glasgow) 
                by 5/06    bought by RH Transport (Hutt), Finstock, Oxfordshire  

Photographic References

For a key to the references see the bibliography.

SA 1  F113 OMJ  AIHLB p101  8/89 TH new, at Thornton Heath
                AIHLB p101  8/89 TH at Showbus 89 
                LBM72 p06  10/89 TH on 59 to Purley, South Croydon
                BYB92 p43   1989 TH on 109 to Croydon
                LBM90 p45   1994    with Black Prince, Morley
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