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Bibliography This page updated 17th March 2020.

Information comes mainly from the sources quoted below, plus much useful information sent in by users and other web-writers. Thanks for the help: it is appreciated.

Code Source
BS# BusSpotter, with photo reference number.
CB Classic Bus magazine, with volume number and page.
Bus Buses magazine, with volume number and page.
BusX Buses Extra magazine, with volume number and page.
LBM London Bus Magazine, with volume number and page.
LBR London Bus Review (LOTS), with year and page
LTB London Transport Buses (Capital Transport), with year and page.
PrB Preserved Bus magazine, with volume number and page.
TLB The London Bus (LOTS), with volume number and page.
TBX TLB Extra (LOTS), with year and page.
Code Title Author Publisher Year
ABC80ABC London Buses 1980 Ian Allan1980
AECiCAEC Buses in CameraRobin HannayIan Allan1982
AEC_QBest of British Buses 2, the AEC QAlan TownsinTransport Editions1981
AIHLBAn Illustrated History of London BusesKevin LaneIan Allan1997
ALOLBWA Lifetime of London Bus WorkBob ScanlanTransport Publishing1979
BBB1Best of British Buses 1: TitansAlan TownsinTransport Publishing1981
BBB3Best of British Buses 3: TigersAlan TownsinTransport Publishing1981
BBB6Best of British Buses 6: RegalsAlan TownsinTransport Publishing1982
BBB7Best of British Buses 7: RegentsAlan TownsinTransport Publishing1982
BBB8Best of British Buses 8: UtilitiesAlan TownsinTransport Publishing1983
BMBThe British Motor BusGavin BoothIan Allan1986
BM3RMBus Monograph 3: RoutemasterStewart BrownIan Allan1984
BPRMBus Profile: RoutemasterAlan TownsinIan Allan1990
BSCLBBus Scene in Colour: London BusesStephen MorrisIan Allan1998
Bus60London Buses in the 1960sKen GlazierCapital Transport1998
BYB92Buses Yearbook 1992ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan1991
BYB93Buses Yearbook 1993ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan1992
BYB99Buses Yearbook 1999ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan1998
BYB00Buses Yearbook 2000ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan1999
BYB01Buses Yearbook 2001ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan2000
BYB02Buses Yearbook 2002ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan2001
BYB03Buses Yearbook 2003ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan2002
BYB04Buses Yearbook 2004ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan2003
BYB05Buses Yearbook 2005ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan2004
BYB06Buses Yearbook 2006ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan2005
BYB07Buses Yearbook 2007ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan2006
BYB08Buses Yearbook 2008ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan2007
BYB09Buses Yearbook 2009ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan2008
BYB10Buses Yearbook 2010ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan2009
BYB11Buses Yearbook 2011ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan2010
BYB12Buses Yearbook 2012ed. Stewart BrownIan Allan2011
CBLACountry Buses vol 1Laurie AkehurstCapital Transport2012
CBLA2Country Buses vol 2Laurie AkehurstCapital Transport2014
CBLA3Country Buses vol 3Laurie AkehurstCapital Transport2016
CBY95Classic Bus Yearbook 1995Gavin BoothIan Allan1995
CBY_2Classic Bus Yearbook-2Gavin BoothIan Allan1996
CBY_3Classic Bus Yearbook-3Gavin BoothIan Allan1997
CBY_4Classic Bus Yearbook-4Gavin BoothIan Allan1998
CBY_5Classic Bus Yearbook-5Gavin BoothIan Allan1999
CBY_6Classic Bus Yearbook-6Gavin BoothIan Allan2000
CBY_7Classic Bus Yearbook-7Gavin BoothIan Allan2001
CBY_8Classic Bus Yearbook-8Gavin BoothIan Allan2002
CBY_9Classic Bus Yearbook-9Gavin BoothIan Allan2003
CBY_10Classic Bus Yearbook-10Gavin BoothIan Allan2004
CBY_11Classic Bus Yearbook-11Gavin BoothIan Allan2005
CBY_12Classic Bus Yearbook-12Gavin BoothIan Allan2006
ClLey1Classic Leylands 1John BanksIan Allan1999
CroydonCroydon's Transported: John GentCNHSS2001
ECWECW 1965-1987M.G.Doggett & A.A.TownsinVenture Publications1994
ECWLEastern Coach Works of LowestoftD.Roberts & J.SeniorVenture Publications1995
ExileLondon Transport in Exile, 1950s and 1960sKevin McCormackIan Allan2004
FRTThe First RTsAlan Townsin and Tony BeardVenture Publications2001
FYGLFifty Years of Green LineKenneth WarrenIan Allan1980
GasLondon's Wartime Gas BusesA.G.NewmanCapital Transport1997
GDGLGlory Days: Green LineKevin McCormackIan Allan2000
GDRFGlory Days: RFSteve FennellIan Allan2001
GDRTGlory Days: RTKevin McCormackIan Allan1998
GD50sGlory Days: London Transport in the 1950sMichael H.C.BakerIan Allan2000
GRoverGreen RoverJim Blake & J. JamesPlatform Ten1987
GLineGreen LineA.McCallCavendish Books1980
GL3080Green Line 1930-1980D.W.K.Jones & B.J.Davis London Country1980
GSGSP.Aves, A CharmanCapital Transort2019
H3945LT Buses & Coaches 1939-45John AS HambleyJASH1992
H46LT Buses & Coaches 1946John AS HambleyImages1995
H47LT Buses & Coaches 1947John AS HambleyHarold, Martin, Redman1997
H48LT Buses & Coaches 1948John AS HambleyJASH1993
H49LT Buses & Coaches 1949John AS HambleyJASH1991
H50LT Buses & Coaches 1950John AS HambleyJASH1991
H51LT Buses & Coaches 1951John AS HambleyJASH1992
H52LT Buses & Coaches 1952John AS HambleyImages1993
H53LT Buses & Coaches 1953John AS HambleyImages1994
H54LT Buses & Coaches 1954John AS HambleyImages1994
H55LT Buses & Coaches 1955John AS HambleyImages1995
H56LT Buses & Coaches 1956John AS HambleyHarold, Martin, Redman1997
H57LT Buses & Coaches 1957John AS HambleyJASH1999
H58LT Buses & Coaches 1958John AS HambleyJASH1999
H61LT Buses & Coaches 1961John AS HambleyHarold, Martin, Redman1997
H62LT Buses & Coaches 1962John AS HambleyJASH1998
HeyLBHeyday of London BusesKevin McCormackIan Allan1992
HeyLB2Heyday of London Buses 2Kevin McCormackIan Allan1995
HeyLB3Heyday of London Buses 3Kevin McCormackIan Allan1996
HeyRMHeyday of the RoutemasterGeoff RixonIan Allan1997
HeyRTHeyday of the RTKevin McCormackIan Allan1997
HeyRMHeyday of the RoutemasterGeoff RixonIan Allan1997
KentLondon Buses around KentRoy HobbsIan Allan2006
LB2939London Buses 1929-39Gavin MartinIan Allan1992
LB50London Buses in the 1950sKen GlazierCapital Transport1989
LB60London Buses in the 1960sKen GlazierCapital Transport1998
LB8595London Buses 1985-1995Tom McLachlanVenture Publications1996
VHDLondon Bus & Tram Album (1 edn)"V.H.Darling"Venture Publications1996
LB&TALondon Bus & Tram Album (2 edn)Michael DryhurstIan Allan1979
LBBWLondon Buses Before The WarKen GlazierCapital Transport1995
LBF339SLondon Bus File 1933-39 (single-deckers)Ken GlazierCapital Transport2000
LBF339DLondon Bus File 1933-39 (double-deckers)Ken GlazierCapital Transport2001
LBF405London Bus File 1940-45Ken GlazierCapital Transport1999
LBF469London Bus File 1946-49Ken GlazierCapital Transport1998
LBF504London Bus File 1950-54Ken GlazierCapital Transport1999
LBF562London Bus File 1955-62Ken GlazierCapital Transport1999
LBH86London Bus Handbook (1986)Lawrie BowlesCapital Transport1998
LBH2_87London Bus Handbook Part2 (Independents)(1987)Nicholas KingCapital Transport1987
LBH2_89London Bus Handbook Part2 (Independents)(1989/90)Nicholas KingCapital Transport1989
LBH2_90London Bus Handbook Part2 (Independents)(1990)Nicholas KingCapital Transport1990
LBH2_92London Bus Handbook Part2 (Independents)(1992/3)Nicholas KingCapital Transport1992
LBiCLondon Buses in CameraJohn GrayIan Allan1971
LBiC60London Buses in Colour 1960sKevin McCormackIan Allan2000
LBP&PLondon Buses Past & PresentJohn ReedCapital Transport1986
LBR88London Bus Review 1988ed J.Bowden-GreenLOTS1989
LBT&NLondon Buses Then & NowIan CowleyIan Allan1994
LBV1London's Buses Volume 1Blacker, Lunn, WestgateH.J.Publications1977
LBWW2London Buses and the Second World War (2 edn)Ken GlazierCapital Transport1991
LB2000Bus Scene in Colour: London Buses 2000Geoff RixonIan Allan2000
LC2London Country, 2nd ednLaurie Akehurst & David StewartCapital Transport2001
LCBLondon's Classic BusesJohn A GrayCapital Transport1999
LCBH98London Country Bus HandbookNicholas KingCapital Transport1998
LCBBWLondon's Classic Buses in Black & WhiteJohn A GrayCapital Transport2001
LCBCPLondon's Country Buses: a Colour PortfolioMichael H.C.BakerIan Allan2000
LCJGLondon CountryJohn GloverIan Allan2006
LCtryBLondon's Country BusesJohn GrayIan Allan1980
LCityBLondon's City BusesJohn GrayIan Allan1979
LCBiCLondon Country Buses in ColourMichael BakerIan Allan1998
LedgdLedgard WayKeith A.JenkinsonAutobus Review Publications1981
LSubBLondon's Suburban BusesJohn GrayIan Allan1976
LT30sLondon Transport in the 1930sMichael H.C.BakerIan Allan2007
LT3362London Transport 1933-1962Michael BakerIan Allan1996
LT40sLondon Transport in the 1940sMichael H.C.BakerIan Allan2003
LT60sLondon Transport in the 1960sMichael H.C.BakerIan Allan2005
LT6395London Transport Since 1963Michael BakerIan Allan1997
LT70sLondon Transport in the 1970sMichael H.C.BakerIan Allan2006
LTBGLondon Transport Bus GaragesJohn AldridgeIan Allan2001
LTGLondon Transport GaragesKen GlazierCapital Transport2006
LTGLLondon Transport Green LineLaurie AkehurstCapital Transport2005
LUBLondon's Utility BusesKen BlackerCapital Transport1997
LYGLast Years of the GeneralKen GlazierCapital Transport1995
MerlinThe London MerlinKen RussellCapital Transport1985
MetroMetrobus: First Ten YearsAndrew BoagCapital Transport1994
MinCLThe Motorbus in Central LondonKenneth WarrenIan Allan1986
MinLCThe Motorbus in London CountryKenneth WarrenIan Allan1984
PRV2Park Royal Vehicles 1942-1980Alan TownsinTransport Publishing1980
RLB Reshaping London's BusesB.Arnold & M. HarrisCapital Transport1982
RF RFKen GlazierCapital Transport1991
RLHRemThe London RLH RememberedPeter GascoigneRoadmaster Publishing1995
RMRoutemaster, Volume OneKen BlackerCapital Transport1991
RM_2Routemaster, Volume TwoKen BlackerCapital Transport1992
RMBThe Routemaster BusColin CurtisMidas Books1981
RMDRoutemaster DispersalKeith A JenkinsonAutobus Review1995
RMiCRoutemasters in ColourGeoff RixonIan Allan1999
RRLRoads & Rails of LondonC.F.KlapperIan Allan 1976
RTRT: The Story of a London BusKen BlackerCapital Transport1980
RTCamThe London RT Bus in CameraP.J.LynchBradford Barton1978
RTLWARTL, RTW After London J.A.S.HambleyJ.A.S.H1998
RTLWGRTL, RTW Garage LocationsStuart RobbsStuart Robbs2014
RTGarAMRT Family Garage Locations 4: Central A-MStuart RobbsStuart Robbs2013
RTGarMXRT Family Garage Locations 4: Central M-XStuart RobbsStuart Robbs2014
RTGarCRT Family Garage Locations: Country Stuart RobbsStuart Robbs2012
RTJubRT JubileeJohn ReedSilver Link/LT Museum1989
RtoRRoutes to RecoveryKen GlazierCapital Transport2001
smallrLondon's Prewar smaller classesKen BlackerCapital Transport2022
STSTKen BlackerCapital Transport2012
STLThe STLsKen BlackerCapital Transport1984
StoLStreets of LondonKevin McCormackIan Allan2001
SurreyLondon Buses around SurreyRoy HobbsIan Allan2004
SwiftThe London SwiftsKen RussellCapital Transport1985
SYA1Sixty Years of A1 ServiceGeorge HeaneyBus Enthusiast1991
TitanThe London TitanMatthew WharmbyCapital Transport2008

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