The London Buses Nationals: LS

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Photographic References

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LS 1-6 (total 6)

Leyland National 10.3m dual-door B36D+27, long pod, 1LS1

LS 1    TGY 101M  AIHLB p76    1977 AV  on 82 to Hounslow, Hatton X, sold 1985	
                  LTB82 p77    8/81 AV  on 111 to Heathrow Airport Central, red, black skirt, grey roof, show bus
                  Bus395p56    6/87     with Red Rover, Stoke Mandeville

LS 3    TGY 103M  LBM88 p39         AV  on 82 to Hounslow, Heathrow	

LS 6    TGY 106M  LB&TA p77    1976 AV  on A1 to Hounslow West, Heathrow

LS 7-437 (total 431)

Leyland National 10.3m dual-door B36D+27, short pod, 2LS2

LS 7    KJD 507P  LBM145 p40   5/76     new, at Syon Park Museum Open Day
                  LBH98 p95    1997 K   Westlink, new livery: on 216 to Staines
                  LBM102 p07   1997 K   Westlink, new livery: on 216 to Staines, Kingston

LS 20   KJD 520P  LBM23 p02         AV  on A1 to/from Hounslow West Stn
                  BusEx8p30    1/78 AV  on 117 to Hounslow, Ashford

LS 28   KJD 528P  LTB85 p75         AV  on 117 to Staines, Ashford

LS 30   KJD 530P  LBR86 p00    8/86     on X99 to Harlow, Forester livery
LS 31   KJD 531P  LBiC70 p09   3/78 AV  on 82 to Hatton Cross Stn, Heathrow Airport

LS 39   KJD 539P  LBM163 p27        HD on H1 to Northwick Park Hosp.

LS 42   KJD 542P  LTB84 p74   10/83 AL  on 127 to Wallington, Tooting Broadway
                  Buses436p303 1990     Westbus (Ashford, Kent)

LS 43   KJD 543P  LTB86 p71         RD  on 244 to Upminster Park Estate

LS 46   KJD 546P  LBM60 p05    1/87 NB  on 306 to Epsom, Tolworth

LS 47   KJD 547P  LBT&N p124        AV  on 111 to Kingston, Hounslow
                  LBM66 p03    7/88 NB  on K10 to Staines, Chertsey

LS 48   KJD 548P  LBiC70 p23        AV  on 116 to Hounslow, Staines West

LS 54   KJD 554P  LBM88 p38    8/81 AV  on 82 to Hatton Cross, Hounslow Bus Stn

LS 58   OJD 858R  LBM68 p03   12/88 K   on 200 to Streatham Hill, Kingston Bus

LS 70   OJD 870R  LBM39 p30    1982 ED  on 194 to Forest Hill

LS 75   OJD 875R  TBX77 p37    6/77 ED  on 12A to Selsdon

LS 77   OJD 877R  LT6395 p73        TH  on 289 to Beckenham Junction, Thornton Hth

LS 79   OJD 879R  LBR91 p84    */91 V   on 190 to Richmond: red, grey miniskirt, Riverside Bus

LS 82   OJD 882R  LTB84 p74    4/83 TB  on 261 to Lewisham, Lee

LS 84   OJD 884R  LBM52 p04    2/85     on 97A to Hackney Central Stn

LS 85   OJD 885R  LBM72 p24         HT  on 239: Kings Cross & Archway
                  LBM39 p30    4/81 HT  on 271 to Moorgate

LS 90   OJD 890R  Bus382 p27   1/87 TB  on R5 to Badgers Mount, Orpington

LS 92   OJD 892R  TBX82 p44    */83 L   on 201 to Ongar, Epping Station

LS 94   OJD 894R  LBM70 p11    6/89 WH  on 108 to Lewisham, Tower Bridge (diverted)

LS 96   OJD 896R  LBM80 p41   c1992 WL  in Westlink yard at Hounslow Heath

LS 100  OJD 900R  LBM100 p63   7/87 WH  on 10 to Wanstead Stn, Victoria Stn

LS 107  OJD 907R  TBX82 p32    */82 TC  on 234A to Old Lodge Lane

LS 112  THX 112S  RM_2 p106    1987 PB  on 318 to Lea valley Leisure Service, Waltham Cross, red?/black?/white roof
                  LBM60 p06    1/87 PB  on 310A to Enfield Town
                  LBH98 p100   199* K   Westlink, overall ad. on 216 to Staines

LS 119  THX 119S  LBM24 p05    3/78 RD  on 248 to Upminster Station, Romford

LS 121  THX 121S  LBM68 p44         RD  on 248 to Romford Market	

LS 122  THX 122S  LB&TA p79             on 248 to Upminster Park Est, Hornchurch		

LS 123  THX 123S  TBX81 p40   11/81 RD  on 252 to South Hornchurch, St Edwards Way		

LS 126  THX 126S  LBM32 p6    11/81 RD  on 256 to Emerson Park		

LS 140  THX 140S  LBM32 p41    4/79 FW  series of photos, front, rear and interior.

LS 146  THX 146S  LBM163 p33        PR  on S2: Lee Valley & Poplar Garage, red, black bumper
LS 162  THX 162S  TBX78 p37    */78 T   on 236 to Finsbury Park, red, white bumper

LS 165  THX 165S  LTB85 p75         PR  on D1 to Mile End Station, Docklands Clipper: red/white

LS 173  THX 173S  BYB98 p96    199*	    with Hornsby, Lincolnshire: single door

LS 175  THX 175S  LBM66 p08    1988 PB  on 318: Lea Valley Leisure Bus, red/white

LS 178  THX 178S  Bus384p115  10/86     on 306 to Epsom, Kingston	

LS 181  THX 181S  RF p121      1979 NB  on 218 to Esher, Kingston
                  LTB84 p75    1/84 PR  on D1 to Isle of Dogs, Mile End, Docklands Clipper: red/white
                  LTB84 p75    1/84 PR  on D1 to Isle of Dogs, Mile End, Docklands Clipper: red/white, rear
                  LTB86 p73    1/84 PR  on D1 to Mile End Station, Docklands Clipper: red/white
                  TBX84 p25    1/84 PR  on D1 to Mile End Station, Docklands Clipper: red/white

LS 190  THX 190S  LBM26 p05    1978 L   on 254 to South Woodford Stn, yellow blinds		

LS 194  THX 194S  TBX79 p30    3/79 L   on 255 to South Woodford Station, Loughton
                  AIHLB p07    1983 TC  on 234A: Purley & S.Croydon, red/white: 1933 style		
                  LTB84 p76    7/83 TC  on 234A to Streatham Garage, 1933 style

LS 196  THX 196S  TBX78 p43    */78 ED  on 289 to Beckenham Junction, West Croydon: red, white bumpers
                  TBX83 p35    */83 TB  on 261 to Orpington

LS 204  THX 204S  LBM102 p44            Universitybus: on 604 to Town Centre, Watford Junction, white

LS 206  THX 206S  LBT&N p120   1980     on 219 to Kingston, Kingston

LS 216  THX 216S  LBM132 p23        ED  on 12A to Selsdon, Croydon

LS 220  THX 220S  LBM163 p22        HL  on E3 to Northfields Stn

LS 222  THX 222S  LBM132 p24   2/87 TC  on 12A to Purley, Croydon
                  Bus402p401   7/88     on 128 to Harefield (Kings Arms), Hillingdon 128 livery

LS 225  THX 225S  LBM39 p9    11/81 PM  on 78 to Dulwich, Tower Bridge Approach

LS 227  THX 227S  AIHLB p78    1990     on D5 to Isle of Dogs (Asda)

LS 232  THX 232S  TBX82 p38    */82 NB  on 215 to Lower Green

LS 236  THX 236S  Bus402 p00   7/88     on 128 to Harefield Hospital, Hillingdon 128 livery
                  Bus402p400   7/88     on 128 to Harefield Hospital, Hillingdon 128 livery
                  LBM70 p18    1989     on 224 to Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Hillingdon 128 livery

LS 238  THX 238S  LTBG p53     1985 PR  off S3 to Clapton, in Poplar garage

LS 240  THX 240S  TBX83 p29    */83 NB  on 72 to East Acton

LS 243  THX 243S  Bus485 p19            Universitybus: on 602 to Watford Junction Stn

LS 247  THX 247S  LTB86 p79         NB  on 218 to Staines, Kingston

LS 249  THX 249S  TBX78 p41    */78 HD  on H1 to Northwick Park Stn, South Harrow Stn: red, white bumper yellow front doors

LS 253  THX 253S  LBM144 p48   */87     on 114 to Harrow Bus Stn  

LS 256  THX 256S  LCJG p104         NB  on 218 to Staines, Kingston

LS 261  THX 261S  Bus485 p16            Greenway: Universitybus, on 602 to Watford Junction, white
        THX 261S  LBM102 p44            Greenway: Universitybus, on 602 to Welwyn Garden City, Watford Junc, white

LS 266  THX 266S  CB91 p14     5/86 T   on 179A: Chingford Stn & Yardley Ln Est, Kings Head Hill

LS 268  YYE 268T  LTB86 p78         NB  on 218 to Staines, Kingston, dot matrix display
                  Buses496p13  1996     London United: on H37 to Houslow, Richmond, grey/red/white, refurbished	
                  LBH98 p88    9/97 AV  London United: on H37  to Hounslow

LS 270  YYE 270T  LTBG p116    */84 AV  off 117, Hounslow Garage

LS 278  YYE 278T  LBM144 p48   */87 HD  on 140 to Harrow Weald, Harrow Buses livery
                  Buses451p17  4/92     with Provincial, Petersfield

LS 281  YYE 281T  LBM66 p06    6/88 HT  on 271 to Moorgate, Finsbury Square

LS 282  YYE 282T  Buses436p302 1990     Westbus (Ashford, Kent) 

LS 283  YYE 283T  TBX82 p36    */82 L   on 167 to Ilford

LS 284  YYE 284T  TBX79 p33    */79 NB  on 219 to Weybridge Stn

LS 285  YYE 285T  TBX79 p31    4/79 T   on 235 to Chigwell, Leytonstone

LS 290  YYE 290T  LTB86 p78    1981 T   on 230 to Whipps Cross, Leyton

LS 294  YYE 294T  LBiC70 p68   9/79 NB  on 219 to Weybridge, Kingston
                  LBM138 p45   1/83     on 216 to Tolworth Bdy, Berrylands
                  Bus396p109   1/88 BX  Bexleybus: on 422 to Bexleyheath, blue/white

LS 308  AYR 308T  RLb p117          HD on 114 to Eastcote Lane, Wealdstone
                  LBH95 p66    3/95 CH on 953 Mobility service to Thames View Estate, East London

LS 313  AYR 313T  LBM72 p09    1/90 TB  on 126S to Beckenham Junction
                  Bus480 p25   1994 CY  GemFairfax: on 648, Crawley, red, white band

LS 315  AYR 315T  Bus396p108   1/88 BX  Bexleybus: on 269 to Bexleyheath, blue/white

LS 316  AYR 316T  LBM102 p54   8/89     Fountain Bus: used on 600, blue/white

LS 321  AYR 321T  TBX79 p36    8/79 HD  on 114 to Ruislip Lido		

LS 328  AYR 328T  LBM133 p28   1980 HD  on 114 to Eastcote Lane, Harrow		

LS 330  AYR 330T  LBP&P p53    1980 HD  on 114 to Eastcote Lane, Harrow		

LS 340  AYR 340T  LTB86 p72         ED  on 12A to South Croydon, East Croydon

LS 346  AYR 346T  AIHLB p77    1990     Harrow Buses: on 258 to South Harrow Stn, Sth Harrow, red/cream: repainted 11/87	

LS 351  BYW 351V  LBM70 p19    2/89 AV  on 98 to Ruislip Stn, Hillingdon

LS 361  BYW 361V  BYB99 p77             Greenway: Blackburn Transport

LS 365  BYW 365V  LBM116 p18   3/00     with Chase Bus, Walsall

LS 367  BYW 367V  LBM32 p3     1/80 L   on 247B to Romford Station, Ongar
                  LBM45 p16    4/83 TB  on 261 to Orpington, Farnborough

LS 371  BYW 371V  TBX82 p36    */82 WH  on 278 to Stoke Newington

LS 372  BYW 372V  LTBG p39     1982 RD  on 246 to Hornchurch Station, Hornchurch Garage

LS 379  BYW 379V  ABC80 p67    2/80 TB  on 227 to Crystal Palace, Crystal Palace
                  LBM116 p19   5/00     with R.Bullock, Manchester

LS 380  BYW 380V  LBM68 p14   11/88 CF  on 492 to Dartford, Boro'line

LS 385  BYW 385V  Bus390p409   7/87 K   on K3 to Esher, Kingston (Westlink)

LS 397  BYW 397V  Buses516p22  1997     with Parfitts, Rhymney				

LS 399  BYW 399V  TBX79 p56    */79 D   on S3: Stratford & Hackney Stn, Stratford
                  LBM107 p56  c1980 D   on S3: Stratford & Hackney Stn, Stratford

LS 400  BYW 400V  TBX79 p40    */79 TB  on 138 to Coney Hall, Bromley
                  LBM70 p15    3/89 HT  on 17: Holborn Circus & London Bridge Stn, St.Pauls

LS 402  BYW 402V  LBM163 p27   */83 HD  on H1 to Sth Harrow Stn, red, gold window surrounds for LT50

LS 405  BYW 405V  TBX81 p28    */81 PR  on S2 to Poplar, Clapton Pond
                  LBM138 p55  10/89 WK  on 567 to Walton-on-Thames, Sunbury, Westlink
                  LBM102 p20  10/96 AV  London United: on 116 to Hounslow, Hounslow: Urban Bus, red/grey

LS 409  BYW 409V  TBX81 p39    */81 PM  on N85 to Charing Cross, Ludgate Circus

LS 410  BYW 410V  LCJG p129         NB on 306 to Kingston, Tolworth
                  LBM70 p12    1989 S   on 283 to W.Brompton

LS 412  BYW 412V  LBM68 p43         RD  on 244 to Upminster Park Estate
                  LBM70 p12    6/89 TB  on 471: Orpington Stn & Green St Grn (peak service)

LS 413  BYW 413V  LBM68 p45         RD  on 246 to Noak Hill
                  LBM70 p19    2/89 UX  on 204 to Hayes, Uxbridge

LS 417  BYW 417V  LBM132 p23        ED  on 12B to Chipstead Valley

LS 419  BYW 419V  AIHLBp121    1990 AV  on H22 to Hounslow, Hounslow

LS 422  BYW 422V  LBM72 p15   11/89 WK  on 567 to Walton-on-Thames

LS 425  BYW 425V  LBM163 p31        WL  Greenway: London & Country: on P3 to New Cross Gate   

LS 430  BYW 430V  Buses491p48  1996     North-Western: route branded for Liverpool-Ormskirk 

LS 433  BYW 433V  TBX79 p42    */79 HT  on 239: Kings Cross & Archway

LS 434  BYW 434V  LBH95 p76    4/95 WK  on 417 to Egham, Hounslow, Westlink

LS 435  BYW 435V  AIHLB p77    1988     London Coaches: used for The Japanese School
                  LBM131 p20  10/90 V   on Airbus Hotel Courtesy Service, Victoria

LS 436  BYW 436V  TBX83 p32    */83 T   on 97A to Leyton, Walthamstow

LS 438-506 (total 69)

Leyland National 2, 10.6m dual-door B24D+46, short pod, 3LS3

LS 438  GUW 438W  LTB84 p77   11/83 AG  on 513 to Waterloo Stn, London Bridge Stn, Red Arrow: white roof, lining, 50 wreath, "City Belle"

LS 440  GUW 440W  LTB84 p76         AG  on 502 to Liverpool St Stn, St Pauls

LS 444  GUW 444W  LBM132 p25   7/87     on 500, Oxford Street

LS 448  GUW 448W  LTB84 p78   11/83 WH  on 173 to Becontree Heath, Becontree Heath	LT, still Red Arrow livery

LS 450  GUW 450W  TBX84 p31    */84 AG on 55 Stationlink, Kings Cross, Red Arrow

LS 454  GUW 454W  LTB85 p77    1/85 T   on 900: Walthamstow Shopper, Mobility Bus with Ratcliffe lift
                  LTB86 p72         T   on 903: Stratford Shopper, Mobility Bus with Ratcliffe lift

LS 458  GUW 458W  Buses547p30  2000     Surrey Buses, Camberley
                  LBM116 p06   1/01     Surrey Buses: on 481 to Staines, Kingston

LS 461  GUW 461W  LTB85 p76    5/84     on 501 to London Bridge, Waterloo

GLS 1   GUW 466W  LTBG p112   c1993 RA  on 507, Waterloo, rear view

GLS468  GUW 468W  LTBG p1               on 505 to London Bridge Stn, Waterloo, Greenway		

GLS469  GUW 469W  AIHLBp106    1994     on 501 to London Bridge, Waterloo, Greenway		

LS 470  GUW 470W  LBH95 p13   10/94 UX  on 607 Express toUxbridge Station

LS 474  GUW 474W  LTB85 p78    1981 GM  on 500 to London Bridge, Waterloo
GLS474            LBM133 p50            mobile job centre, Leicester 

LS 481  GUW 481W  LTB86 p74    4/85 GM  on 507: Victoria Stn & Waterloo Stn, ad frames

LS 482  GUW 482W  LBH95 p32   12/94 A   on Epsom Park & Ride, London General livery

LS483   GUW 483W  TBX81 p00    */81 GM  on 507: Victoria Stn & Waterloo Stn
GLS483  83 CLT    LBH95 p31    3/95     on 501 to London Bridge Stn, London General

LS 484  GUW 484W  LBH95 p12    3/95 UX  on 335 to Newland Park, Slough, Uxbridge Buses

LS 485  GUW 485W  LTB84 p77    8/83 SW  on P4 to Brixton, Lewisham
                  LTB85 p76    8/84 SW  on 170 to Wandsworth Plain, Westminster

LS 488  GUW 488W  LTB85 p77    4/84 SW  on 115 to Balham Stn, Tulse Hill

LS 489  GUW 489W  TBX83 p31    */83 SW  on P4 to Brixton, Lewisham

GLS491  GUW 491W  Buses464p11  1993 RA  on 501 to London Bridge Stn, Waterloo, Greenway

LS 493  GUW 493W  AIHLB p78    1985 AG  on 555, Stationlink	

LS 494  GUW 494W  LTB84 p04         GM  on 501 to Waterloo Stn, Holborn Viaduct
                  LBM66 p12    8/88 RA  on 503 to Russell Square, Oxford Street

LS 495  GUW 495W  LTB86 p73         AG  on 555, Stationlink
                  Bus391p449   8/87 AG  on 509 to Liverpool St Stn

LS 496  GUW 496W  LTBG p112    */87 AG  on 502 to Waterloo Station, at Waterloo

LS 497  GUW 497W  LBM132 p25  11/91 UX  on 607 to Shepherds Bush Green

LS 500  GUW 500W  LBM66 p12    8/88 RA  on 500: Victoria Stn & Oxford Circus, last day

GLS501  GUW 501W  LTBG p1           RA  on 505 to Waterloo, Waterloo

GLS502  GUW 502W  LTBG p112   c1993 RA  on 501, Waterloo, rear view

long GLS

Leyland National, 11.6m Greenway, ex North Western

GLS 2   292 CLT   BYB95 p15         UX  Centrewest, on 607 Uxbridge Express


Leyland National, 11.3m dual-door Mobility bus B24DL, short pod.

LSL     RUF42R    LBH98 p51         NF Kentish Bus #492, in use on 911, Croydon
Leyland National, 11.3m shop and information, long pod.

1234L   SCO 422L  LBH85 p92            in Trafalgar Square
Ian's Bus Stop LS bus histories photo refs Greenways