GS2 on 428, Dormansland

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 15th 2012

Prepared by Ian Smith, 24th April 2012.

494: Godstone Green to East Grinstead: SNB340

SNB340 had connected with RT604 at Godstone Green. I moved over from the RT to the Leyland National for a different route back to East Grinstead, via Tandridge and Crowthorne.

SNB340 at Godstone Green SNB340 at Godstone Green

The RT pulled away, and turned right to head for Blindley Heath. We turned the other way, up the bank to the site of Godstone Garage, where we turned east towards Oxted. We powered along the ridge to the roundabout north of Tandridge, then turned south on the 494 route proper. We descended past the Barley Mow in Tandridge, and on to meet the back road from Oxted. We passed under the low railway bridge at Crowhurst North, and turned left beside the railway to pass through the bluebell woods.. Turning south again we passed through the scattered community of Crowthorne to reach Lingfield, where we paused outside the Post Office.

SNB340 at Godstone Green SNB340 at Lingfield

SNB340 at Lingfield SNB340 at Lingfield

We turned south again at the crossroads , and forked right through Felcourt and on to Baldwin's Hill. We climbed up into West Sussex and into East Grinstead, where we pulled up behind RT604 on the High Street.

Waiting to depart were RF600 and GS2.

RF600, GS2 at East Grinstead

GS2, SNB340, RT604 at East Grinstead

Two very different Metrobus buses then squeezed through the High Street. 737 was a brand-new 12-reg Enviro200 Dart, bought for Horsham area duties but today on the 473 linking East Grinstead station with Kingscote Railway Station for the Bluebell Railway. Then came preserved Olympian 395, heading for Crawley on the 424.

Met737 on 473 at East Grinstead Met395 on 424 at East Grinstead

MB90 followed through, with blinds for a 473 to Turner's Hill. "Are you going to Turner's Hill?" I enquired. "No, just Kingscote". I changed my mind, then was hailed by Colin Rivers on RF633, who was going right through to Crawley on the 473...

MB90 on 473 at East Grinstead MB90 on 473 at East Grinstead

Part Seven: 473, East Grinstead to Crawley and back

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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