GS2 on 428, Dormansland

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 15th 2012

Prepared by Ian Smith, 19th April 2012.

East Grinstead

Back at East Grinstead I watched as M&D Lynx 3043 threaded between RF146 and RF429. The Lynx, new to Grey Green before going to M&D and then Arriva Kent & Sussex, has been restored to the 1997 M&D livery that it never wore. It looked great!

3043 at East Grinstead 3043 at East Grinstead

RF146 was waiting to go out on a short 434 journey to the Bluebell Railway at Kingscote.

RMC1500 returned, heading eastwards along the High Street, bound for Forest Row.

RF146 on 434 at East Grinstead RMC1500 at East Grinstead

Titan T1030 eased down the street on a 424 short working from Forest Row, and headed for the station to turn round.

Then XF3 arrived, heading for Forest Row on the 409. The bus nearly emptied, and I nipped aboard, not wanting to miss it again. I found a front seat upstairs, and settled down to wait for the bus to continue. I didn't realise it was going to be an half-hour - but at least I had the advantage of a grandstand seat to watch the High Street.

T1030 on 424 at East Grinstead XF3 on 409 at East Grinstead

409: East Grinstead to Forest Row: XF3

Parked near the trade stands, having arrived back on the 434 from Edenbridge, was RF518.

Olympian 806 squeezed through on a 424 to Crawley (using the 424 route to Copthorne and the 438 route onwards). It seems no time at all since these were regular buses in the Crawley area.

RF518 on 434 at East Grinstead 806 on 424 at East Grinstead

Then RF600 arrived off the rural 494, easing past the XF to pull in to unload.

Leyland National SNB340 arrived on the next 434 from Edenbridge.

RF600 on 494 at East Grinstead SNB340 on 434 at East Grinstead

The Lynx came back from the station, and passed through towards Forest Row.

Then the blinds were changed on RF518, ready for it to head north through Lingfield and Crowthorne to Tandridge on the 494.

3043 at East Grinstead RF518 on 494 at East Grinstead

RT604 arrived on a 409 to Forest Row. The RT had failed to start this morning - and then the summoned starter van had also suffered an unserviceable starter pack, requiring a further rescue van!

Titan T1030 squeezed through, also heading for Forest Row, on a 424 from East Grinstead Station.

Then RT3183, looking good in Country Area green, came through on a westbound short 409 working.

RT604 on 409, T1030 on 424 RT604, RT3183 on 409

Olympian 395 also passed through on a 424 for Forest Row, and we followed it out of town. We passed Metrobus' Caetano-bodied Dart SLF No 374 working westwards on the 291, then overtook 395 at a bus-stop.

We rolled down the long incline past Ashurst Wood and into Forest Row, where we met the Lynx again, already heading back towards East Grinstead as a 424.

Met374 on 291 3043 on 424, Forest Row

We climbed the short bank past the old LT terminus at the Brambletye Arms, and turned left, then left again, to reach the station yard at Forest Row. 395 waited patiently while the Fleetline reversed into the row of buses, then reversed in in turn.

Met395 on 424, Forest Row XF3, 395, Forest Row

It was lunch time..

Part Five: 409, Forest Row to Godstone Green

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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