GS2 on 428, Dormansland

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 15th 2012

Prepared by Ian Smith, 18th April 2012.

428, East Grinstead to Dormansland: GS2

GS2 was standing displaying blinds for the 494. John changed them over to the 428 "lazy blinds", that show no large destination, as often used on local Country Area routes.

GS2 at East Grinstead GS2 at East Grinstead

We took on a good load for the lttle bus, and were away, passing diminutive Albion Nimbus 308, which had pulled in at the War Memorial stop ahead of us.

We headed down to East Grinstead Station, where again no-one was waiting, although RML2323 was there to mop up High Street-bound passengers from the trains. We climbed the bank, crossed the railway bridges, and turned right for Baldwin's Hill. Despite the efforts of a 4x4 driver to deny us our right of way we progressed north-eastwards, and soon reached Lingfield, where we turned to pause opposite the Post Office.

SO308 at EG GS2 at Lingfield

GS2 at Lingfield GS2 at Lingfield

We went on, down the hill to Lingfield Race Course, and under the railway bridge into Dormansland. There was still a half-mile of affluent suburbia to go until we reached our destination at The Plough.

Lingfield Hill Lingfield Railway Bridge

We turned round the triangular road junction and pulled up outside the pub.

GS2 at The Plough, Dormansland

We had a long lay-over at The Plough. The reason why became apparent when an RF appeared, heading for Edenbridge on the 434. What was a surprise was the RF: RF518, not seen out and about for many a year, but looking immaculate. There was a scramble as bodies exchanged between the two buses: this connection thing works!

GS2 at The Plough, Dormansland RF518 at The Plough, Dormansland

428, Dormansland to East Grinstead: GS2

The two buses went their separate ways. I stayed with the GS, starting off round the triangle to take us back, under the railway to Lingfield RaceCourse, and up the hill to Lingfield Post Office. There we turned south, for a brief patch of countryside before we were into Baldwin's Hill and climbing up towards East Grinstead.

After a smooth run - aided by considerate car drivers on the narrow roa - we turned left at the roundabout into the one-way system. I spotted RF486 ahead of us, running in on a 473 from Crawley. We caught up with it at the traffic lights, and followed it into the town proper. We passed RT3183 on a terminating 409, heading for the station.

countryside RF486 on 473, RT3183 on 409

As we climbed through the town there was a succession of buses: red RT1798 bustled past on a 409 to Forest Row (via the station to start with), followed by RF146 starting on a 434 to Dormansland.

RT1798 on 409 RF146 on 434

My camera barely had time to recycle ready for the next bus along: preserved Metrobus Olympian 806, on the 424.

We completed the climb up to the top of the town, and pulled up behind the red RF.

RT1798 on 409 RF486 on 434

Suddenly it was quiet on the street, after the flurry of activity. I went to obtain a programme, and had a look at RMC1500 (aka RMC1486).

RMC1500 RMC1500

I walked up the street to have a look at visiting RT1702 and RTW185, both looking immaculate.

RT1702 RTW185

Then I went to find a coffee, to sit and look at the programme...

Part Three: 135, East Grinstead and Holtye Common

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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