RF679, T792 at EDenbridge Town

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 26th 2009

Prepared by Ian Smith, 13th May 2009.

Green Line to Bromley

I joined RT3228 by The Crown in East Grinstead, and was made welcome by conductor George and driver Paul. I considered going upstairs, but the best seats up there were already taken, so I settled into what I still reckon is the best seat in the house: behind the bonnet.

RT3228 at East Grinstead.

We were away on time, east along the High Street and down to the second roundabout, to head back west along Bulleid Way (the old railway cutting) to the station. We headed north for Godstone, out along the road through Felbridge and Newchapel, and up the direct 708 route to South Godstone.

From Godstone we turned east for Oxted, where we by-passed the town centres (Old and new), to make the long climb up to Limpsfield Common. From there we rolled on east, down into Westerham, where we had a very brief stop. Although the bus had come out by the 705 route down Westerham Hill in the morning, Paul was not going to go back that way. Whether this was because of the drag up Westerham Hill or the trees on the route I don't know.

So we continued, down past the statues of Wolfe and Churchill, and on along the Sevenoaks road to Brasted. We turned off the A25 onto the back road running along under the North Downs between Chevening and Chipstead, to meet the old A21 at the foot of Star Hill. We went on up the old road, up Polhill, now on the old 704 route, that took us quite gently up the corner of the North Downs where the Darent Valley cuts through. Over the top we rolled down through Pratts Bottom to Green Street Green, then climbed again past Farnborough to Locks Bottom and down to Bromley Garage and Bromley Common.

We descended Masons Hill to climb again past Bromley South Station, where we made a stop before continuing up the High Street. Not all the way of course. Banished to the backside of the Glades, we continued up to Bromley North Station, where the journey came to a stop.

RT3228 at Bromley North Stn. RT3228 at Bromley North Stn.

All the passengers alighted, and the bus pulled away into the bus stance for the crew to take a break before heading for Northfleet.

RT3228 at Bromley North Stn. RT3228 leaving Bromley North Stn.

Many thanks to all those who helped organise or run this excellent day: owners, drivers, conductors, supervisors, cone-shifters, caterers, timetablers, programme sellers,.. and those who sought and gave all the necessary permissions. Especial thanks to Alan Charman for co-ordinating all the efforts.

RT604, RT3062, RT3148, RT3228
RF28, RF366, RF429, RF486, RF489, RF633, RF679
GS2, GS15, GS34, GS62
RMC1476, RMC1500
RML2330, RML2371, RML2699
XF3, DMS1868
Southdown 424

system map. Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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