RF679, T792 at EDenbridge Town

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 26th 2009

Prepared by Ian Smith, 6th May 2009.

East Grinstead

High Street in East Grinstead had been closed for the day, except for the buses. That did not stop the odd car from jamming up the system. When I arrived on the last of a small convoy of five buses, the turn from London Road into High Street was well and truly gummed up. I had alighted from the Southdown PD3, and walked up past waiting RML2699 and red RF486 to round the corner. There I found RT604, GS15 and RT3228 all trying to squeeze a way through the narrow space, not aided at all by a parked car..

RF486. RT3228.

RT3228 escaped, and GS15 followed, passing a representative of later generation of small saloon: BN50, and one of an an earlier generation in the wonderfyul shape of T792.

GS15. BN50.

GS15. T792.

Two more of the small saloons stood opposite, by the War Memorial: GS62 and GS34. East Grinstead garage only had two of the little buses at a time, allocated to the 494, but to our continuing delight they continue to turn up in greater numbers than that at this Running Day. Today there were four (GS2 being the other one).

GS62. GS34.

RFs were another staple type for East Grinstead, being required for the 434 and later the 494 because of low railway bridges. Red RFs were borrowed on busy Saturdays and Sundays in the days before cars choked the A22 at weekends, and also again later in London Country days because of reliable vehicle shortages. RF429 was one of several red RFs here today.

I crossed the road to get a programme from the CBR pergola, then recrossed to find a bus. T792 was fully loaded (with a pre-ticket system to avoid scrums), and I joined RF489, which was due out at 1115 on the 434.

Across the road was RML2731, working on the 409. This was not one of the Country Area RMLs, of which East Grinstead was allocated one for the 409, but did start its working life at South Croydon Garage, where it would have rubbed shoulders with its green counterparts.

RF429. RML2731.

Part Three: 434

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