RF679, T792 at EDenbridge Town

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 26th 2009

Prepared by Ian Smith, 13th May 2009.

Remains of the day

RML2699: East Grinstead to Forest Row and back: 409

RML2699 was standing by The Crown in East Grinstead, set up for a journey to Forest Row, having arrived from Oxted and done its station loop. This journey was an unscheduled extra, it turned out, when I consulted the timetable. I climbed aboard. RF28 was just across the street, after its forays on the 708.

RML2699. RF28.

As we pulled away we passed RF679, RT3062 and RF429 standing on the High Street. We continued past the "Road Closed" sign and on along the attractive street. We were soon out of the town and down the A22 towards Ashurst Wood. As usual we avoided the village, using the by-pass to descend to the County Boundary (East Sussex this time), and on down to cross the river into Forest Row.

RT3062, RF429. High St.

We climbed up through Forest Row, and turned left along the Tunbridge Wells Road, along the route extension permitted when the railway closed. As we slowed for the turn into Station Approach RML2330 emerged, heading for Dormansland once more.

We turned in, turned in the station yard, and were back at the same spot a few minutes later.

RML2330 at Forest Row. Forest Row (Station Approach).

We rturned through the village to the bus stop at The Bramble Tye Inn, the original terminus for the London Transport route. There we stood for a few minutes, and I used the opportunity to take some pictures of this very nice RML.

RML2699 at Forest Row. RML2699 at Forest Row.

RML2699 at Forest Row. RML2699 at Forest Row.

We set off back to East Grinstead, climbing up the long hill past Ashurst Wood. Here came RT604, running down the hill on the next scheduled 409 to Forest Row.

RT604 at Ashurst Wood.

East Grinstead

Soon we were back in East Grinstead, where buses were gathering before final departure. STL2377 was ready to depart for Cobham after its day on the 428, and ex-Southdown 424 was resting after its labours on the 409.

STL2377 at War Memorial. STL2377 at War Memorial. SD424 at East Grinstead.

GS34 was also there, after a day on the 494, standing in front of RTW185, there in association with a trade stand. GS2 and GS62 had also arrived, standing opposite each other by the War Memorial.

GS34 at War Memorial. GS34 at War Memorial.

GS2 at The Crown. GS62 at War Memorial.

Visiting RF168 squeezed round the corner onto the High Street, past RML2731, and was soon followed by RML2330, arriving on the last 409 from Dormansland prior to heading north for West Croydon.

RF168 at War Memorial. RML2330 at War Memorial.

Now it was time for me to find my ride homewards: Green Line RT3228, heading for Bromley North Station...

Part Seven: Green Line to Bromley.

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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