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Dennis Dominators were never a major part of the London scene. London Transport investigated the type with H1-H3 in the 1984 Alternative Vehicle Evaluation trials in 1984, but bought no more. London Country South West, a predominantly single-decker operatore, but with its roots in Guildford, was understandably more enthusiastic, and had twenty-two, sixteen new and six second-hand, for its heavy duty routes. London Pride, the London sightseeing tours operator of Ensignbus, had even more, transferred in from Ensign's sales stock, and in closed top, open top, and part open-top forms. It was Ensign Bus that initiated the first major orders for the type for ordinary bus work in London, in 1990-91, equipping the Ensign Citybus fleet, that rapidly became Capital Citybus. That company bought more new examples, and also acquired not a few second-hand, making a total of sixty-three.

The Dominator was followed by the Dennis Arrow, using a Lance chassis. Only 73 were built, including 54 for Capital Citybus, 10 for London & Country, and just one for London Traveller.

After that, the low-floor revolution swept through double-decker design, and Dennis produced the Trident. But thats a tale for another time...

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