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R1LTB sketch Goldblade Ltd, situated in Park Royal, trading as Metropolitan Omnibus, also operated as London Traveller from Watford. They were a coach hire business, but also operated schools services (143, 302, 626, 643, H12). In April 1998 they bought a new double-decker, a Dennis Arrow with single doorway, front staircase East Lancs Pyoneer body, with coach seating and a high quality paint finish.

This was used on Railway Replacement work, hires and schools contracts, and on the 584/585 from St.Albans to Potters Bar/Garston. As the company evolved, R1LTB was retained by the Watford operation as the Harlesden operation transmogrified into Metropolitan Omnibus. It was used on Watford local service 573.

It was sold in 2000 to Rodgers of Weldon, where it has remained.

Bus Histories

These histories are far from complete. They are being assembled as I gather data from a variety of sources. Particularly helpful have been:
  • LOTS, for data in The London Bus (TLB) and London Bus Magazine (LBM)

301     R1 LTB   4/98    Dennis Arrow SFD121BR3VGL60595, East Lancs Pyoneer B24001, CH45/31F
                 4/98    new to Goldblade Ltd (London Traveller)
                 4/98    at Brighton Coach Rally
                         into service on Barnet schools contracts
                 6/98    in service  on Railway Replacement
                11/98    used on 585 (St.Albans - Potters Bar)
                11/98    used on 584 (St.Albans - Garston) 
                10/99    in service on 573, Watford
                11/99    in service on 573 
                 */00    bought by Rodgers, Weldon
                 8/05    Rodgers
                10/13    Rodgers

Photographic References

R1 LTB  LBM110 p36  11/98    on 585 to St.Albans

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