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H drawing, tape-grey London Buses included a trio of Dennis Dominators in their 1984 Alternative Vehicle Evaluation (AVE) trials. Designated H1-H3 because Dennis atthat stage was part of the Hestair Group, the buses had Greater Manchester standard bodies by Northern Counties, seating seventy (H43/27D) in their 31ft length. All were powered by the Gardner 6LXB engines, with H1 powering through a Maxwell gearbox and the other two through Voith gearboxes. Original livery was all-red, with yellow entry doors and white roundels. Doors were four-leaf folders (unlike the other AVE buses)

They arrived in November 1984 and were originally allocated with the other AVE buses to Stockwell from early 1985 , where they operated on route 170. They had plenty of trips to Chiswick during their commissioning phase, but eventually settled down. After the trials finished in August 1986 they were placed in store at Merton. They were to remain unique in London Buses service.

In June 1987 they transferred to Brixton garage, where they settled on the 137. From January 1990 they also worked the 159 on Sundays. They acquired tape-grey livery (red, grey skirt, white tape, London Buses roundel).

H drawing, London Pride October 1991 saw them pass to London Coaches at Wandsworth. So they were privatised with the unit in May 1992. London Coaches painted H2 and H3 in the London Pride white/red livery, with the blind boxes covered by a self-advertisement. H1 was withdrawn in December 1992, and H2, H3 were bought in August 1993 by Capital Citybus. There they passed into the First Group, and were transferred north to Leicester and Northampton respectively.

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