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London Pride

London Pride Sightseeing, an offshoot of Ensignbus, was a considerable user of second-hand Dominators in its London business, acquiring several batches from different operators over the years. They numbered them according to whether they had complete tops, part-open-tops, or completely open tops.

103, 105: ex-Hull

ex-Thamesdown These two Dominators had Alexander RH bodywork, and came from Hull in 1993. They were retained in uncut mode, for inclement weather operations.

106-107: ex-Thamesdown

Another two to retain their tops were a pair obtained from Thamesdown, obtained in 1995. These had Northern Counties bodywork.

238, 339, 242, 243, 344, 245, 346: ex-Eastbourne

Seven 1982-vintage Dominators, this time with East Lancs bodies, arrived in the spring and summer of 1994 from Eastbourne. The late-coming couple were converted immediately in September, becoming 238 (part-open-top) and 339 (full open-top), and the others, which had operated with tops on were converted and appropriately renumbered at the same time. This bunch had varied careers, some being sold off and others surviving until the takeover of London Pride operations by Arriva, when 242, 243 and 245 were made available to Arriva for the transition period. 242 and 343 subsequently went to Norway for the Oslo Pride operation.

200-203, 304-307: ex Cleveland Transit

In November 1994 London Pride bought eight secondhand Dominators from Cleveland Transit. These had Northern Counties bodywork, with a single front doorway. They dated from 1980 and 1983.

London Pride took most of their roofs off. 200-203 retained two bays at the front, and gained an offside door. This was to assist in the tours programme, where some attractions were on the offside of one-way streets. 304-307 were completely decapitated, and kept just the normal front doorway.

London Pride 20* Arriva The Original London Sightseeing Tour took over the London Pride operation from Ensignbus in March 2001, but did not immediately buy any of the buses. Some of the part-open-top Dominators were in the pool of vehicles that Ensignbus made available for hire by TOLST to keep the operations going, and 202-3 were bought by TOLST by October 2001. These two gained Arriva TOLST livery. 203 was sold to Ensign Bus in January 2005, and soon departed for Rome, presumably for sightseeing there. 202 went for scrap later in 2005.

Meanwhile Ensignbus sent 304 to City Sightseeing in Bristol in 2001, and in 2002 sent 200 and 201 off to Norway for the Oslo Pride operation, their UK-offside doors now proving invaluable.

203, Arriva TOLST, April 2004 203, Arriva TOLST, April 2004

DD203 waits for a turn near Russell Square in April 2004, with Arriva TOLST

230-233: ex-Kelvin Central

Four elderly (1982) Alexander RL-bodied Dominators came from Kelvin Central in the summer of 1995, and were partly open-topped.

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