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Redroute Buses DAF/Wrightbus Cadet

Redroute Buses of Gravesend bought a 39-seater Cadet in September 2015. It had originated with Solent Blueline.

Bus history

This history is incomplete. It is being assembled as I garner information from a variety of sources. Particularly useful have been:
  • LOTS for accurate data, in TLB, LBM, Fleetbooks
  • for VIN data
       YG52 CLV  10/02    DAF DE12BSSB120 XMGDE12BS0H009983, Wrightbus Cadet F294, B39F
                 10/02    new to Marchwood, Totton Solent Blue Line: blue #558
                  6/05    Solent Blue Line: yellow/blue $
                          Go South Coast Bluestar #558
                  4/09    in service, Bluestar #558: blue $
                  3/11    in service, Bluestar #558: blue $
                  6/12    in service, Wilts & Dorset, red, blue skirt, orange lining #3408 $
                  9/13    in service, Wilts & Dorset $
                  1/14    in service, Wilts & Dorset $
                  7/14    in service, Wilts & Dorset $
                  9/14    in service, Wilts & Dorset $
                  9/15    bought by Redroute Buses, Gravesend
                 12/15    in service on 416 to Meopham, Redroute: red, grey skirt, off-white roof $

A key to the references is in the bibliography.

Photographic references

I have not come across any photos in books as yet. But there are some on the internet: browse using registrations.

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