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DAF SB120, Wrightbus Cadet

DWL10 off 444 at Chingford The Cadet was DAF's response to the Dennis Dart SLF market. The SB120 employed a Cummins 6-cylinder EuroII engine in its earliest versions, and the Wrightbus Cadet bodywork shared many features with the Crusader body on the Dart. The Cadet also was modular, available in a variety of lengths from 9.4m to 10.8m. It was generally lighter and cheaper than the Dart. Arriva was a major importer of DAF/VDL buses, so it is not surprising that the major users in the London area were the Arriva companies.

But they were also used by East London Buses (as Volvo Merits), and taken over by Go-Ahead London.

Carousel Buses at High Wycombe had a singleton, which was graced with a vanity registration: CB54BUS.

Although not strictly Cadets, Cadet bodies were used on the battery-diesel hybrids used (sporadically at first) by Go-Ahead London (the WHY class), and Abellio London.

DWL10 at Chingford in January 2012, about to take up a 444 journey. In its previous eleven years it had been at Brixton for the 319, Beddington Farm for the 289 and 455, Grays and Dartford on loan, Enfield for the 313, Wood Green (briefly) and then Edmonton for the 444.

Finally, Go-Coach at Otford took over an entire batch of six Cadets from Stagecoach Eastbourne.

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