RF633 at Kings Walden

Stevenage & Hertford Running Day

Sunday 5th June 2016

Prepared by Ian Smith, 26th June 2016.

Part Six: Hertford, Hatfield, Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City

341: Hertford to Hatfield (RT3148)

RT3148 on 341 at Hertford SNC168 on 331 at Hertford

We loaded up again for a trip to Hatfield. I went round the bus announcing that this bus would not be coming back from Hatfield or Welwyn Garden City, and neither would any other, but that there should be connections to a 390 at Stevenage. Some folk got off.

Next to us Dual-purpose Leyland National SNC168 came in off the 331.

We set off back to Hatfield via the A414. There we met a Green Line Citaro on the 724 to Harlow.

Green Line Citaro at Hatfield

303: Hatfield to Stevenage (RT3148)

We used the diversion route once again to get to Welwyn Garden City, and continued on to Stevenage, where we called at the bus station.

RT3148 on 303 at Hatfield RT3148 on 303 at Stevenage Bus Station

There was Eastbourne Regent V No69, to make the connection back to Hertford, glorious in its seaside blue and yellow. We went on, round past the station to Old Stevenage.

E69 on 390 at Stevenage Bus Station E69 on 390 at Stevenage Bus Station

303: Stevenage to Welwyn Garden City (RT3148)

From the White Horse we made the turn round the roundabout at the northern end of Stevenage Old Town and returned to the Bus Station. There were several Arriva buses there this time. (It seems that Arriva does find it worthwhile to operate the Sunday contracts, such as they are, while other operators do not). Noted were Renown 3322, Pulsar 3759 and a very long unidentified E300.

RT3148 on 303 to WGC, White Horse 3322 on SB2 at Stevenage Bus Station

3759 at Stevenage Bus Station

This southward trip was only to Welwyn Garden City. There we met OmniTown ELS12 again, still bearing some remnants of its former ownership by Go-Ahead London five months on.

ELS12 at WGC

303: Welwyn Garden City to Stevenage Bus Station (RT3148)

We were to have "competition" on the run back to Stevenage, as Enviro300 3568 was heading foer Lister Hospital on the 301. Not that we saw it on the way.

3568 on 301 at WGC RT3148 on 303 at WGC

The last run was back to Stevenage Bus Station, where the bus came off duty. John and Les very kindly took me round to the Railway Station in good time for my train to Leeds.

RT3148 on 303 at Stevenage Station RT3148 on 303 at Stevenage Station

Many thanks to the Country Bus Rallies team, especially to Peter Aves and John Huxford for their hosptality on RF633 and RT3148, to Colin Rivers for his organising, and to all those who helped behind the scenes with timetables and programmes - preparation and sales - and to all those who brought vehicles, or drove or conducted. It was an excellent weekend.

Buses that I saw or was told were there (I did not see them all):
RT2083, RT3148, RT3254, T792
RF281, RF406*, RF633
RM1*, RM2, RM1397*, RMC1461, RM1699*
Eastbourne 69

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