RF633 at Kings Walden

Stevenage & Hertford Running Day

Sunday 5th June 2016

Prepared by Ian Smith, 26th June 2016.

Part Five: Stevenage, Hatfield and Hertford

303: Stevenage to Hatfield (RT3148)

After lunch we returned to the RT and set it up for the 303 back to Hatfield. A Pulsar of Arriva The Shires came past on a 301 to the Lister Hospital, just north of Stevenage.

RT3148 on 303 at Stevenage White Lion 3411 on 301 at Stevenage White Lion

We retraced ouur route southwards - to Stevenage Bus Station, passing RT3254 just beyond Stevenage Bus Station as we went one way and Chris came another. We manoevred our way out of Stevenage without experiencing road-blocking queues for the supermarket, and climbed over the hill to Knebworth. Then it was uphill again, past Woolmer Green into the woods atop Mardley Hill.

RT3148 cab view Mardley Hill

Again we missed out Old Welwyn, and headed south-east under the A1(M) towards Digswell. A roundabout set us onto Bessemer Road towards Welwyn Garden City, and then we turned off right up Digswell Road, to climb over the ridge to Welwyn Garden City. As we came down to The Campus The Fairway stretched out ahead of us. But our way was towards the station. We missed the turn into the bus station, and required a quick circle round the small roundabout to find it properly. Again we had a few minutes wait at the station stop.

Then we set off again, on the diversion route via Broadwater Road, hustling along just inside the speed limits towards Hatfield. We took the southerly turn at the roundabout onto Chequers, the A1000 to Hatfield.

RT3148 at WGC Broadwater

We continued along to Hatfield Station, where we turned in. Just leaving was Trustybus ELS12, one of a number of Scania OmniTowns bought from Go-Ahead London, that had originated with Durham Travel Service on London's route 42. Also departing was Universitybus ME505, a secondhand EnviroDart with MCV Evolution bodywork.

ELS12 at Hatfield Stn ME505 at Hatfield Stn

Then RM1 arrived, on the 341 from Hertford, which would duplicate our return to Hertford.

RM1 at Hatfield Stn RM1 at Hatfield Stn

RM1 at Hatfield Stn

341: Hatfield to Hertford (RT3148)

We headed back to Hertford, again using the A414 to avoid the Lea Valley trees near Essendon Mill. Back at Hertford we passed RF633 heading for Welwyn Garden City on the 393, then pulled into the busy bus station next to RMC1461 (from Brooklands), which was on the 390 from Stevenage.

RMC1461 on 390, RT3148 on 341 at Hertford

Centrebus 509 was there again, on local turns, while red RF406 was loading for a 384A to Benington Green.

509 at Hertford RF406 on 384A at Hertford

Next out on the Stevenage run was RM1397.

RM1397, RT3148 at Hertford RM1397 on 390 at Hertford

RF281 came in to the bus station blinded for the 724, then went off, presumably to the "garage" area, just as RM1 arrived from Hatfield.

RF281 at Hertford RF281, RM1 at Hertford

Then a third red RM arrived, in the form of RM1699, looking for a bus stop place. And a third green RT: RT2083, immaculate as ever, on the 715 to a from Wormley.

RM1699 at Hertford RT2083 on 715 at Hertford

RT3254 arrived too, on the 390 from Stevenage, to stand alongside RT3148, which was about to depart...

RT3148, RT3254 at Hertford

Part Six: Again ..and a bit.

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