RF600, RF627, RF833, RF679

Hertford & Stevenage

Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th June 2010

Prepared by Ian Smith, 24th June 2010.


Hertford Bus Station was busy of course. But this station has relatively few services on a Sunday, so it was mainly the Running Day vehicles that occupied the bays. Alongside RF486 was RF627, off the 393 from Welwyn Garden City, and next to that RML2330 on a GreenLine 715 from Wormley.

RML2330 at HG off 715 RF627 at HG off 393

Next to that was Dart DRL60, now Centrebus 181. It was in this bay every time I saw it during the day, and I was told that it stayed there all day. Also there, in service, was Centrebus 749, a 2009 Wrightbus Solar.

Centrebus 181 Centrebus 749

Green Line RT3228 came into the stand and loaded well for the 341 to Hatfield Station.

I wanted to locate the next bus to Chapmore End. It was not here. Wasit at London Road? I cadged a lift on RF486 and went to see. No, it wasn't. But there were other buses to look at. RF406 HAD been out on the 333, but on the short-working to Bengeo.

RT3228 on 341 RF406 off 333

RM1699 was sitting peacefully, and RF679 was resting from the 388.

RM1699 RF679 off 388

RF486, of course, was in need of attention. One of the nice things about them is that the inspection panels open easily, and many things are accessible without a pit or a hoist. So Peter Osborn and Steve Whitelegg quickly had a panel off, and located the source of the noisy exhaust. A clip on the end of a flexible section had worked loose. Once all the bits had cooled down it was not too difficult to effect a temporary reconnection. Its the sort of job I just might tackle in a white shirt, but shouldn't!

RF486 repairs to RF486

RF406 came in and gave a display of how to reverse into a very tight space.

RMC4 took a break from turns on the 715.

RF406 off 388 RMC4 off 715

Before he departed in RF679 for a 384B turn, Colin Rivers asked me if I would do a turn to Welwyn in T792, and introduced me to the crew. The beautiful Regal was resting after a turn on the 333 to and from Bengeo.

T792 off 333 T792 off 333

Buses continually came in, and left again after short breaks. Incomers included RMC1500, between turns on the 390 to Stevenage, and RF633 between trips on the 350 to Essendon.

RMC1500 RF633 off 350

Red RF503 came in after a trip out east to Nazeing Village on the 327, and GS64 from a trip south to Little Berkamstead on the 308A.

RF503 off 327 GS64 off 308A

But now it was time for T. T792, that is. The blinds were set for the 393, and we were away...

Part Seven: Welwyn Garden City and back

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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