RF600, RF627, RF833, RF679

Hertford & Stevenage

Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th June 2010

Prepared by Ian Smith, 24th June 2010.

Benington again


Hertford Bus Station had a good filling of RFs: Country Bus RF600 was on the 384B, Central Area RF406 was loading for the 384A, and Green Line RF269 was returning from the 715.

RF600 on 384B, Hertford RF406 on 384A, Hertford RF269 on 715, Hertford

Green Line Tiger TD1 paid a visit to the bus station, squeezing into a space just vacated by a Centrebus Solar to turn. RF269 completed its turn and headed for London Road.

TD1, Hertford RF269, GS64, Hertford

TD1 turned and departed, pausing to exchange greetings, and modernised Green Line RF281 came in for a late run up to Puckeridge on the 331.

TD1, Hertford RF281 on 331, Hertford

I decided to walk over to London Road to see if GS62 was there. On the way I passed RMC1500 coming in on a 390 from Stevenage, the afternoon sun shining on its smart London Country livery.

GS62 was not there. I headed back towards the bus station. RF281 accelerated past on its way to Puckeridge.

RMC1500 on 390, Hertford RF281 on 331, Hertford

Then, as I wound round the zigzag to Bircherley Green, GS62 caught up with me, pursued by Golden Boy Dart EU06JVW on the 395 from Ware. I waited until the bus had unloaded at the stand, then hopped on for the ride round to the other side of the bus station. It turned out that Alan Charman was not sure about the 333 to Chapmore End anyway. The bus had been doing extras all day, and he and it both needed a break after working the 329 short to Bulls Green. I stayed with the bus, parked behind GS64, while he went to consult.

GS62, Hertford Inside GS62, Hertford

GS64 pulled away to the stand to load up for the 308A to Little Berkhamstead, and RF489, which I had seen over at London Road, came into the stands and became the centre for discussion.

GS64, Hertford RF489, London Road, Hertford

384B: Hertford to Benington Green and back (RF489)

I was called over to join the consultation. John Huxford was to take RF489 on a test run to Benington Green on the 384B, but needed a navigator. I knew the way, didn't I? So I joined RF429 and we set off following RMC4 out of the bus station. The RMC was heading for Wormley again on the 715. RMC1500 also appeared, leaving London Road on the other side of the roundabout to return to the bus station for a 341 trip. We headed on east, to pass Fairfax Road. RML2330 came the other way, heading in on the reciprocal 715.

RMC1500 on 341, London Road, Hertford RMC4 on 715, Hertford RMC4, RML2330 on 715, Hertford

We turned left at Ware Station, over the level crossing and over the River Lea, and up through the quiet High Street to the bus stop at Ware Church. Thjere we paused, while John checked something and I took pictures.

RF489, Ware Church RF489, Ware Church

Then we were away again, forking left onto the Stevenage Road, and following it out past Tonwell to the Sacombe turn-off. We turned right, to follow the narrow lane east to Sacombe and then Dane End. Fortunately we did not meet RF406 coming the other way on the 384A from Great Munden until we reached the wider road in Dane End.

After passing the other bus we had the very sharp bend to make onto the narrow lane to Whempstead. There we turned right onto the lane to Benington, and ran along, through the extended village to reach Benington Green, where we turned round the triangle and pulled up at the bus stop shelter.

RF406 on 384A, Dane End RF489 at Benington Green

Benington Green RF489 at Benington Green

The return run was uneventful. We wiggled our way back through Benington, Whempstead, Dane End and Sacombe, and called in at Tonwell before reaching Ware. There we crossed the river and pulled round into the station. After crossing the railway and New River we headed west for Hertford. As we passed Fairfax Road we met RF269 heading home.

RF269 passes Hertford Garage

We returned to Hertford Bus Station, where most people and buses had already set off home. Fortunately the cafe was still open for a sandwich and a cup of tea, before we went over to Old London Road to join the little band waiting for the evening services...

Part Nine: Evening runs

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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