GS62, RT1798, XF1 at EAG

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 12th 2015

Prepared by Ian Smith, 7th May 2015.

409: East Grinstead to Forest Row, XF1

Two red double-deckers were currently in evidence at East Grinstead: RT1798 and RM1097.

RT1798 at East Grinstead RM1097 at East Grinstead

In Maidstone and Districts green and cream were Leopard 2816 (about to head east to Tunbridge Wells on the 91) and Lynx 3043, arriving back on a 135.

2814 at East Grinstead 3043 and 2816 at East Grinstead

Representing opposite ends of the East Grinstead single-decker provision were GS62 (which had been out on the 494) and Scania Omnicity 6533 of Metrobus, which was passing through in service.

GS62 at East Grinstead 6533 at East Grinstead

Demonstrating the changes in ages and liveries of buses at this event in recent years, Atlantean AN262 squeezed between preserved Metrobus Reliance 109, red RF429 and NBC green/white RML2456.

Having missed 109, I climbed aboard XF1 again for the ride eastwards down the hill to Forest Row.

AN262 at East Grinstead XF1 on 409 at East Grinstead

438: Forest Row to East Grinstead, 109

At the old station yard in Forest Row stood a pair of preserved Metrobus vehicles: Volvo Olympian 834 and Reliance 109. I joined the latter for the return journey to East Grinstead. This vehicle, last of the AECs, gave a lovely smooth ride up through Forest Row, and up the long hill back to East Grinstead.

AN262 at East Grinstead XF1 on 409 at East Grinstead

434/485/403: East Grinstead to Sevenoaks, RF633

Back in the town I helped clear away the traffic barriers, then climbed aboard RF633 for the return to Sevenoaks. I must have been nearly asleep, for I remember little about the trip apart from the photo stop at Edenbridge Station and the climb up over the ridge through the trees. Nobody required Westerham, and we were nit timetabled to call, so we turned right at the junction for Brasted and Riverhead. Peter dropped me off at the Sevenoaks Station, where I was kindly offered a lift to Orpington Station. Thanks, Dan.

RF633 at Edenbridge Station

Thanks to all the organisers, especially Alan Charman. Thanks too for all the bus owners, drivers and others who made the day work. It was good.

Some of the buses there (I know I missed at least one Metrobus Olympian):
RT604, RT1702*, RT1798*, RT3148, RT4779
TD95*, RF146, RF308, RF368*, RF429*, RF633
GS42, GS62
RM1097*, RM1397*, RML2456, FRM1*
XF1, XF3, AN53, AN262, SNB340
Metrobus 101, 109, 834 &?
T684*, L97*
NV171, 17523
Maidstone & District 2816, 3043
East Kent WFN513

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