GS62, RT1798, XF1 at EAG

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 12th 2015

Prepared by Ian Smith, 16th April 2015.

Getting to Westerham

I travelled to London using Grand Central, an uneventful journey even if I did have to stand for the first fifty miles, the train being packed with Hartlepool supporters going to York. But the buffet was uncrowded, and a comfortable place to stand. From York I had a comfortable seat to Kings Cross.

At St.Pancras I found that Thameslink didn't want to know Bromley. Whether that is normal on Saturdays now I don't know. I could have walked half a mile back to find the Victoria line, but couldn't be bothered. I caught a Thameslink train to East Croydon, twisting a slow and contorted route through Tulse Hill and Crystal Palace.

43468 at EAG 387124 at EC

Grand Central's 43468 comes in to Eaglescliffe. Thameslink 387124 on arrival at East Croydon.
On arrival at East Croydon I found that the west-bound trams were terminating at East Croydon, and eastbound trams starting from there. After watching the manoeuvres for a few minutes, and buying some refreshments, I caught 2549 towards New Addington. The tram snaked its way east along roads to Sandilands, then took to reserved track to head up into the Surrey Hills, past Lloyd Park. It then rushed down Gravel Hill, and turned east to Addington Village Interchange, where I alighted.

2549 at East Croydon 2549 at Addington Village

2548 at East Croydon alongside ad-liveried 2534, and at Addlington Interchange.
I waited for a 314 eastwards, and watched the buses circulating around the interchange - mostly EnviroDarts and EnviroTridents.

8787 at East Croydon T65 at Addington Village

Abellio's EnviroDart 8787 on T33, and Arriva EnviroTrident T65 on 466 at Addlington Interchange.

A Stagecoach EnviroDart, 36546 from Bromley, took me on eastwards towards Hayes. I vaguely remembered that the 246 route operates via Coney Hall, and checked that on bus stops as we passed. So I alighted at Tiepigs Lane and crossed the road to see when one was due. Not for twenty minutes. So I walked along to Hayes Station. Metrobus's small EnviroDart 176 passed, on its way to Coney Hall.

36546 at Tiepigs Lane 176 on 138 to Coney Hall

Stagecoach 36546 departs towards Hayes and Bromley on the 314. Metrobus 176 heads for Coney Hall (despite what it says on the front).

I waited opposite Hayes Station. A 353 passed by, on its way to Addington Interchange. I noted that this another route where Metrobus Scanias have given way to Go_London WVLs.

The 246 was another Stagecoach EnviroDart, 36310. I claimed a seat near the front so that I could look out forwards. We headed west to Coney Hall, then left suburbia behind and climbed up onto Hayes Common, into the Green Belt of common land - trees, gorse and scrub. 36311 came the other way.

WVL213 at Hayes Station 36311 on 246, Hayes Common

WVL213 at Hayes Station on the 353 to Addington. Stagecoach 36311 descends towards Coney Hall on the 246.
We wriggled our way across the narrow common roads to Keston Fox, then continued south, up past the windmill and Keston Ponds. At the junction with the main road fromBromley Common stood RML2301, presumably awaiting a wedding party. (I was told afterwards that it was heading for a wedding in Downe, so was waiting here for the 146 to pass, not wanting to meet it on the road beyond Keston Church!) We joined the main road, then zoomed down the steep little zig-zag to Keston Church, passing northbound mini-EnviroDart 229 on the 146 from Downe.

RML2301 at Keston Ponds 229 on 146, Keston

RML2301 stands near Keston Ponds. Mini-Dart 229 (Metrobus) climbs up from Keston Church on the 146 to Bromley North.

Diverging from the 146 route, we climbed up the long slope to Leaves Green and Biggin Hill Airport. We passed the Hurricane and Spitfire at the gates, and passed along the end of the runway. The run up through the village was uneventful. Soon we reached the top of Westerham Hill, where the original 146 from Lewisham terminated. We swooped down Westerham Hill, crossing the Pilgrims Way, and continued into the village, past the old railway station and up the sharp little rise to the High Street. We turned left to the Green, where I alighted.

36310 at Westerham Green

36310 at Westerham Green.
I crossed the road and walked up to the Kings Arms, where I checked in for a very comfortable night's stay. Once settled, I ventured out to see what was happening. I found that Southdown PSV's Westerham - Oxted services stopped outside the Kings Arms. After a little while their long EnviroDart YX59BXB pulled round the corner from the station and pulled up at the stop, before departing west towards Limpsfield on the 595.

YX59BXB on 595, Westerham YX59BXB on 595, Westerham

Southdown PSV YX59BXB on 595, Westerham.
Part Two: RT3148 to East Grinstead

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