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Reg's Dennis Dart SLF

Reg of Hertford was a small independent company, that for several years had tendered to Hertfordshire to operate the 333, a local Hertford service between the town and Bengeo - an estate up the hill. Reg had used a couple of Dennis Darts on it at different times - it was a one-bus route. In 2002 a new Dart MPD was acquired for the route, to meet the low-floor requirement, with a Dart/Wright as a back-up. The MPD was in perhaps the smartest livery of any in the wider London area, in metallic green and bronze. It had a personalised number-plate too: BU51 REG.

REG at Hertford REG at Hertford REG at Hertford

REG at Hertford Bus Station on its regular 333 between Bengeo and Molewood, 1st June 2003.
The 333 was lost to Golden Boy in March 2006, and the MPD was redundant apart from hire work. It was sold to Excel at Stansted Airport in July 2006, where it quickly assumed the bland area livery of white with a blue skirt.

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