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Reg's Dennis Dart SLFs

These histories are incomplete. They are being assembled as I garner information from a variety of sources. Particularly useful have been:


       BU51 REG  2/02    8.8m Transbus Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16214, Pointer MPD 0162/3, B26F
                 2/02    new to Reg, Hertford for 333
                 3/06    Reg
 326             7/06    bought by Excel, Stansted for 333
                 9/06    repainted white, blue skirt
                 4/09    in service, Excel: used on 333 to Stansted Airport, Harlow
                 4/08    taken over by TGM Group, #326
                 3/10    Excel
                 9/10    in service, TGM Group, Stansted Airport #326
                 3/11    TGM Essex
 1561           12/13 ST renumbered (Stansted)
                      SE in store (Southend 
                 8/16    sold to Hardwick (Carlton)

A key to the references is in the bibliography.

Photographic references

       BU51 REG  TLB453 p42  */02    on 333 to Bengeo, metallic green/orange

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