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Arriva London

A key to the references is in the bibliography.

Photographic references


ADL 1  V701 LWT  LBM112 p37   3/00    on 34 to Barnet Church, Walthamstow Central, red, cream horn

ADL 6  W606 VGJ  LBR00 p06    7/00 EM on 444 to Turnpike Lane Station, Chingford Station, red, cream horn

ADL 13 V613 LGC  LBM111 p05  12/99    on 407 to Sutton, West Croydon, red, cream horn

ADL 63 W463 XKX  LBR07 p12         E  on 491 to Waltham Cross, red, yellow line

ADL 78 W478 XKX  LBR07 p12    2/01 EC on W13 to Leytonstone Station, South Woodford, blue, cream scoop

966    P966 RUL  LBH97 p40    9/97    on 20 to Walthamstow, Woodford Wells, Grey-Green grey, green, orange

969    S169 JUA  LBiC00 p19   6/99    on 78 to Shoreditch Church, Aldgate, red, cream horn
                 LBM110 p23  11/08    on 78 to Peckham Rye, Shoreditch, red, cream horn

976    S176 JUA  LBM107 p65  11/98    on 78 to Shoreditch Church, Shoreditch, red, cream horn    

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