RCL2260 at Cobham

Cobham Hibernation Day

Sunday October 26th 2008

Prepared by Ian Smith, 21st November 2008.

432: Leatherhead again (RMC1476)

RM1955 in Redhill Road. RCL2260 in Redhill Road.

Redhill Road was full of Routemasters. Well, that's a bit of an exageration, but there was a good line-up: Red RM1955 represented the Central Area standard type, while RCL2260 showed the stretched Green Line version. RMC1469, now owned by Greene & Lane, was the shorter Green Line version, but showing the modifications made when modelling for the newer RCLs - a wider front display being the most obvious. Country Area stretched bus RML2330 lurked behind. RMC1476 shgowed the later NBC livery worn whilst in London Country bus service.

RMC1469 in Redhill Road. RMC1476 in Redhill Road.

RMC1476 was about to set off for a trip to Leatherhead, so I joined Clive and Mike aboard and we headed for the stop. Out on Byfleet Road we headed east for the A3 roundabout, and promptly met Travel London's Dart 8807 coming the other way, out of service, presumably heading for their Byfleet depot. Just behind came RF28, working through from Stoke d'Abernon on the 432A.

8807 on Byfleet Road. RF28 on Byfleet Road.

As we passed by the river in Cobham Village we met RLH48 coming the other way on the 432, and a little further on we met T792 on the same duty.

RLH48 in Cobham Village. T792 near Cobham.

We called at Stoke d'Abernon Station, then proceeded to Leatherhead Station. After a short stand we returned to Stoke, and back again to Leatherhead Station. This half-way service was presumably to encourage people to alight to see the display there and change buses. Anyway, heading back for Cobham again, we met RL48, tungsten lights ablaze in the growing dusk.

RMC1476 at Leatherhead Station. RLH48 near Cobham Village.

Back in Redhill Road I alighted from the RMC, and went to buy some books. When I emerged the light had largely gone, and RMC1476 was gently glkowing on the other side of the road awaiting a trip to Stoke d'Abernon as a 432A.

RMC1476 at Redhill Road. RMC1476 at Redhill Road.

GS34 was also on 432A duty, while RT1499 was starting out on its long return trip to Essex - or was it heading for a rail replacement duty on the way?.

GS34 at Redhill Road. RT1499 at Redhill Road.

Prototype Leyland/Weymann Routemaster RML3 was still on its customary Weybridge Station shuttle duties. There was to be a Tungsten Twilight Tour, and STL2377 arrived in Redhill Road in readiness.

RML3 at Redhill Road. STL2377 at Redhill Road.

I watched T792 and RLH481 arrive back from Stoke d'Abernon, and decided that it was too dark for moving bus photography. It was time to locate my ride home...

RLH48 at Redhill Road.

Part Five: Heading home

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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