RCL2260 at Cobham

Cobham Hibernation Day

Sunday October 26th 2008

Prepared by Ian Smith, 9th November 2008.

Cobham: the display

I entered the Museum grounds, and looked for the toilets, and then something to eat, before entering the Museum shed. Inside were the restoration projects, half hidden behind the line of trade stalls. Nice to see the NS making progress. I walked to the south end, where various green buses were sitting in the rain.

GS17 was looking fresh from overhaul, wearing 336A blinds, while RP90, blinded for the 333 local service at Hertford, was seeking a modicum of shelter in the shed doorway.

GS17 at Cobham Museum. RP90 at Cobham Museum.

The current face of Green Line was represented by Arriva The Shires' DAF 4066, dating from 2005, branded for the Luton Airport to London service. At least it wasn't an orange one! The elderly face of Country operations was shown by low-bridge RLH48 (1952), no stranger to this part of the system which has several low railway bridges in inconvenient places.

GreenLine 4066 at Cobham Museum. RLH48 at Cobham Museum.

Intermediate in age, and position in the line-up, was green RML2317 (1965). Still operational with Metrobus, for special work, the Country RML looked immaculate. Round the side of the shed the RT chassis was being demonstrated. The TF chassis remnant still looks awfully sad. Beyond the shortened DMS chassis stood 738J, one of the STL conversions to service vehicles in the immediate postwar era of make-do-and-mend. The erstwhile STL175 became a recovery van, fitted out with a comprehensive tool store.

RML2317 at Cobham Museum. 738J at Cobham Museum.

456: Cobham, Weybridge and Ottershaw Circular (RCL2260)

I went out onto Redhill Road again, where more green buses were lined up for service. Coach Routemaster RMC1461 was standing ready to go out on the circular 456 via Byfleet, Ottershaw, Addlestone & Weybridge.

RMC1461 in Redhill Road. RMC1461 in Redhill Road.

Further up the road stood RF600, ready to return to Leattherhead on the 432, and Greene & Lane's RT3491, ready for a shuttle service to Stoke d'Abernon as a 432A.

RF600 in Redhill Road. RT3491 in Redhill Road.

Country green RML2330 arrived on a 715 feeder service. After unloading it motored off up Redhill Road to turn. Prototype Leyland/Weymann Routemaster RML3 came down from its turn to make another foray to Weynbridge Station on the 462.

RML2330 in Redhill Road. RML2330 in Redhill Road. RML3 in Redhill Road.

I chatted with the London Bus Company crew of RCL2260, and was invited aboard for their trip round the 456 circular, going anticlockwise in comparison with RMC1461's clockwise trip.

RCL2260 in Redhill Road. RCL2260 in Redhill Road.

We pulled down to the stop, pulling up behind RF600 which was setting off for Stoke d'Abernon. RF28 had arrived from Gravesend, having worked in as a 725 feeder service.

We pulled out onto Byfleet Road, turning right, to my surprise. RF667 came chortling along the other way.

RF28 in Redhill Road. RF667 in Byfleet Road.

We turned north into Seven Hills Road, and trundled down into Weybridge. We negotiated a way round to Weybridge Library, then missed a very unobvious right turn into Weybridge Road. We found ourselves heading for Weybridge Station, so twirled around the roundabout there and had another go. As we reached the turn RMC1461 pulled out, on its clockwise journey, confirming it for us. We continued through Addlestone, past the station and the site of the old garage, and headed out to Ottershaw. Out under the autumn trees again, we headed for Sheerwater along Chertsey Road, then turned sharply at a roundabout to head for West Byfleet. We wriggled through the urban landscape of West Byfleet and Byfleet, heading for Cobham. Then we were back in the country, on Byfleet Road, and turning right into Redhill Road to arrive back at the Museum.

RCL2260 in Redhill Road. GS2 in Byfleet Road.

Where next? GS2 was sitting up the road, and I went to say hello to the Huxfords...

Part Three: Leatherhead and back

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