GS15 on 464, Chart

Oxted Running Day

Sunday 4th September 2011

Prepared by Ian Smith, 14th September 2011.

464: Oxted Station to Chart: RF326

RF326 arrived just in time to take up the 1050 departure on the 464 to Chart. I introduced myself to the crew, and we loaded up at the stop. We turned left at the station, then right under the Station Bridge, then somewhat to my surprise continued straight ahead along Bluehouse Lane rather than visiting the shops at Oxted Station East Side and using Granville Road. It began to rain. I found out later that this was for traffic management purposes with modern-day higher car parking along Oxted's roads. Bluehouse Lane turned sharp right to head up into Limpsfield Village, and we followed, carefully negotiating the speed bumps. We joined the road from Chelsham, and climbed up through the village, up the increasingly steep hill to the traffic lights on the A25. We had to stop. But even with its good load the bus managed to pull away again, left up Westerham Road.

We met RF429, which came down the hill on a 465 working from Edenbridge, going through to Staffhurst Wood on a schools extension working.

RF326 at Oxted RF429 on 465 at Limpsfield Common

We ground up the hill onto Limpsfield Common and turned right into the woods.We motored along the Crockham Hill road, along the high ridge, mostly in woodland, to reach the turn in to Chart, by Chart Church. A motorist parked awkwardly on the corner scurried out of the way as we turned in. We went round to the shelter at the Carpenter's Arms. Ignoring the rain, photographers alighted to take pictures.

RF326 at Chart RF326 at Chart

464: Chart to Holland via Pollards Oak: RF326

For the return journey we were operating direct from Limpsfield Common to Holland via Pollard's Oak and Hurst Green. So at Limpsfield Common we turned hard left into New Road, and down Wolf's Hill to Hurst Green Station. Just beyond we turned left along Hurst Green Road, over the green and on along Holland Road to Coldshott, the terminus for the LCC council estate that justified the frequent bus service. Parked cars made the original terminus, behind the trees, dubious at best, so we turned in a lttle yard and returned to the Coldshott bus stop.

RF326 at Holland RF326 at Holland

464: Holland to Oxted Station: RF326

While we waited time for our departure back to Oxted we saw RF429 approaching on the 465 school run to Merle Common Schools and Staffhurst Wood, duplicated by GS15 from Oxted.

RF429, GS15 at Holland GS15 at Holland

We set off back to Oxted, across Hurst Green. But we missed the somewhat obscure turn into Tanhouse Lane, and continued along Woodhurst Lane until the tall railway viaduct loomed overhead. We turned left onto the A25, up East Hill and down West Hill. No right turn to get into Oxted. We continued up the Old Oxted bypass. No left turn into Old Oxted. We had to continue up the hill to Tandridge Roundabout, where we turned round and headed back into Oxted, coming to a stand in Station Approach.

RF326 at Oxted RF326 at Oxted

Go-Ahead's SOE29 now set off on the all-stations to Purley, squeezing carefully between the RF and the line of parked cars.

SOE29 at Oxted SOE29 at Oxted

Part Three: 465 journeys

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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