GS15 on 464, Chart

Oxted Running Day

Sunday 4th September 2011

Prepared by Ian Smith, 16th September 2011.

410: Oxted to Redhill: RML2456

I had a choice of ways to Bromley: RT604 on the 410/411 to Croydon, plus bus or train; SNB340 back to Westerham, plus 246, or to Edenbridge Station, plus train via Tonbridge; or by RML2456 to Redhill plus train via Tonbridge or London Bridge. I had bought my return train ticket to Redhill (any route), so the last option appealed most.

RML2456 turned up on time, and once again I claimed the seat behind the big bonnet. I noticed that the bus had had its tungsten light bulbs reinstated.

We pulled away past RF633. After the crowds of the day the street seemed particularly deserted. Even the two Rail Replacement buses had gone.

RML2456 on 410, Oxted RF633, Oxted, rear

We made our way round the block into Church Lane, and passed the end of Station Approach, with its mock-Tudor styling. We headed south-west, down to cross the A25 and climb the narrow street of Old Oxted.

Oxted Old Oxted

The bus climbed on up to the Tandridge Roundabout, and continued westwards, gently downwards to Godstone Green, round the triangle there and on westwards, back up on the ridge, through Bletchingley, then down round the bends to pass under the railway at Redhill Station. The bus was going on to Reigate, but my trip on it terminated at the bus station.

RML2456 on 410, Redhill RML2456 on 410, Redhill

RML2456 turned out of the shadows of Redhill Bus Station back into sunlight to resume its journey. I crossed the road to Redhill Railway Station, and found that a Tonbridge train was due in two minutes. My homeward direction was determined...

RML2456 on 410, Redhill 377150, Redhill

Many thanks to the Country Bus Rallies team for organising the day, and in particular to Peter Aves. Also to the team of drivers and conductors, owners, mechanics and cleaners without whom we would not have had the buses to ride on. Thanks too to the timetable team, who prepared it and the programmes, and who sold them on the day to keep the diesel money coming in. Thanks too to all those who gave the necessary permissions: local authorities, police forces, bus companies, without whom we could not operate. Thanks too to the knowledgable people who ride these buses and share their wisdom, and to all those passengers whose delight at the proceedings makes it all worthwhile.

RT604, GS2, GS15
RF146, RF326*, RF406*, RF429*, RF633
RML2456, XF3
SNB340, SNB449
Metrobus 806

Oxted 2011 system

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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