RLH61, RLH23 at Merton Garage

Worcester Park Running Day

Sunday 10th August 2008

Prepared by Ian Smith, 19th August 2008.

Merton Garage

One of those who alighted from RT2043 was an elderly retired driver from Merton, who had travelled along with us from Morden. He was obviously enjoying the day so far, and headed off into the garage. RF486 emerged for a trip on the 156.

RT2043 outside Merton Garage. RF486 leaves Merton Garage.

Other buses came and went too. Travel London's new E200 Dart was just passing, on the 152 to Pollards Hill, while older Dart SLF LDP101 was a local, on route 200.

8503 on 152, Merton Garage. LDP101 on 200, Merton Garage.

RT2043 disappeared into the garage, and was followed in by President PVL387 off the 155.

RT2043 inside Merton Garage. PVL387 reaches Merton Garage.

There are times when having a high visibility jacket pays dividends. It meant that Steve Whitelegg could invite me into the Merton Garage yard to see the buses gathered there: RLH61, RLH23, and RT2043.

RLH61, RL23, RT2043 inside Merton Garage. RLH61, RL23, RT2043 inside Merton Garage.

Then Q83 arrived, and pulled into the garage entrance. Manoevring the manual-gearbox long-wheelbase single decker through the doorway into the yard and reversing into line proved difficult, and produced a flattened battery.

Q83 enters Merton Garage. Q83 inside Merton Garage.

GreenLine RMC1469 squeezed through the doorway into the small yard too. I had intended to take a ride on the Q on the 200. But the two RLHs were ready and the Q seemed dubious for the moment at least. Decision time. I climbed aboard RLH61, which was to do a clockwise turn round the 127, and we followed RLH23 out of the garage...

RMC1469 in Merton Garage. RLH61 inside Merton Garage. RLH23 inside Merton Garage.

Part Three: Merton to Malden

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