RLH61, RLH23 at Merton Garage

Worcester Park Running Day

Sunday 10th August 2008

Prepared by Ian Smith, 19th August 2008.

127: Merton to Malden (RLH61)

I took the bonnet seat on RLH61 as we set off from Merton Garage on the 127. We followed RLH23 out of the garage. Both buses turned right for South Wimbledon Station, and loaded up at the first stop. The traffic lights at South Wimbledon were causing delay: roadworks meant that the normal sequence was replaced by temporary lights that let just one traffic stream go at a time. RLH23 went straight on, heading for Raynes Park, while RLH61 turned south to reach a very busy Morden Station.

RLH23 at Sth Wimbledon. Morden Stn.

We took on more passengers at Morden Station and headed south-westwards up the long hill of the Epsom Road. A succession of buses came the other way: RT190, in early reduced-blinds red and cream livery, came along heading for Morden Station on the 93. Behind came a red RF, which passed while I was changing film. But Cobham's RTL139, coming along behind on the 156, was caught by the lights at The Woodcock.

RT190 on 93. RTL139 on 156.

We continued along the Roman road (Stane Street), which true to form was straight but up and down. RF486 came purring up the hill on another 156, followed by East Lancs bodied Volvo EVL32 on the 93 to Putney Bridge.

RT190 on 93. RTL139 on 156.

More route 93 variety followed, with wartime liveried 56-seater RT113 heading for Morden from Epsom, followed by Quality Line's massive 38-seater Mercedes Citaro MCL5 on the equivalent 293 route from Epsom. I wonder how their fuel consumptions compare?

RT113 on 93. MCL5 on 93.

As we motored into North Cheam we met wide-boy RTW75 from The London Bus Company, also inbound on the 93.

We paused at the stop before the traffic lights, and noticed H.R.Richmond's Bedford SB tucked into the layby, collecting passengers for coach rides.

RTW75 on 93. PPH698 at North Cheam.

We turned right onto Cheam Common Road, and soon met RF503 heading south on the 213 towards Sutton Garage.

PPH698 at North Cheam. RF503 on 213.

Further along we met a present incumbent on the 213: London General's Enviro 400 E60. What a difference from when RLHs (or Daimlers) were the tallest buses allowed along here because of the low-bridge at Worcester Park. Speaking of which, I've just missed taking a picture of it. Waiting at the traffic lights to turn right into the station forecourt we did meet RLH23 though, as it turned out to head for Morden Station.

E60 on 213. RLH23 on 127.

We pulled up behind STL441 on the 32. Unfortunately the STL wasn't going anywhere. I hopped off to have a look, and get a photo. The photo wasn't possible with the scrum round the bus, but there appeared to be be feet sticking out from underneath and the bonnet was up. I returned to my prized seat on the RLH, whereupon a woman asked me to surrender it so that her husband/son could take video footage. Why he needed two seats was beyond me. Perhaps she wanted to hold his hand. Anyway, anything for a quiet life. A spell on the platform would suit me.

Volvo President PVL181 was wanting to turn on the 151. We had to back a little to escape past STL441 and turn right for Malden.

STL441 on 32, Worcester Park. STL441 on 32, Worcester Park.

RF600 came bowling along on a GreenLine 725 for Sutton. We headed north-west to New Malden, where I alighted at the Fountain terminus.

RF600 on 725, Worcester Park. RLH61 on 127, Malden Fountain.

I crossed the road and walked along towards the roundabout (the Fountain). RF673 came round from the direct Kingston Road on another 725 bound for Sutton.

RLH61 on 127, Malden Fountain. RF673 on 725, Malden Fountain.

I consulted my map to find out which way the 200 was supposed to arrive, and wondered where the stop might be. I fancied a ride on the Q, which was due any minute...

Part Four: Malden to St.Helier

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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