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Volvo B6BLE Sprytes

London Traveller

London Traveller VS London Traveller of Harlesden gained the London contract for routes 187 and 487, starting in September 1999. Yorkshire Traction came up with the finance for the purchase of buses for the two routes. These arrived in the shape of fifteen new Volvo B6BLEs with East Lancs Spryte bodywork. Livery was either plain red, or red with yellow bands on the lower bodyside. No fleet numbers were carried. Registrations were V501EFR - V515EFR.

Another five arrived in April 2000, these being W516CCK - W519CCK plus W521CCK. Garaging was at Harlesden.

187Queen's Park - Central Middlesex Hospital
487Willesden Junction - South Harrow Stn

514,Showbus 514,Showbus

London Traveller 415 at Showbus, Duxford, September 1999, when brand-new.
514,Showbus 514,Showbus

Metropolitan Omnibus

Metropolitan Omnibus VS A company name change occurred in September 2000. Relationships between London Traveller and Watford & District were clarified, and the London operation became Metropolitan Omnibus. In the spring of 2001 the fleetnames were adjusted, and the yellow lining disappeared, livery now being plain red. HN (Harlesden) garage codes appeared, and fleetnumbers too, VS501-519 and 521.

In April 2002 a further three Volvo B6BLEs were acquired, VS522-524. These had a different display at the front, much neater than the huge box on the earlier buses. They also had the later style of Spryte non-grille on the front.

522 at SJ 522 at SJ

A long way from home: Metropolitan Omnibus VS522 visits Swanley Garage (closed) in June 2002.


Thorpes VS On 1st November 2002 all of Metropolitan Omnibuses' contracts and routes were transferred to Thorpes of Wembley. Thorpes took on all twenty three Volvos, presumably on lease from their actual owners (Yorkshire Traction Company). Thorpes fleetnames began to appear on a yellow cantrail band. But Thorpes lost the 187/487 contract to First London in March 2004, and the Volvos were reclaimed by Yorkshire Traction.

Yorkshire - and after

Yorkshire Traction divided the Volvos. Some went into its own fleet, the "Tracky". Others donned the yellow and green of Yorkshire Terrier, where they made route 120 in Sheffield their own. Stagecoach took over Yorkshire Traction in 2006, and the Volvos acquired Stagecoach national livery, and fleet numbers dependant on their intermediate history. Some continued in Sheffield, stiil largely on route 120. Others became part of the Huddersfield fleet, and became part of the Huddersfield Bus Company and Centrebus. Some moved south to Centrebus in Leicester. The newest three were sold on by Stagecoach Sheffield to McGills in Glasgow.

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