RF486 and RT1798 at TB

Bromley Mini Running Day

Sunday 9th December 2018

Prepared by Ian Smith, 15th December 2018.

Part Two: Bromley and Petts Wood

227: Penge to Bromley North Station (RF486)

I joined RF486 on the stance outside the Crooked Billet in Penge and exchanged news with the crew. RF406 called at the stop opposite, on its way to Crystal Palace.

Soon we were off, back along Penge High Street, and along towards Clock House. At this point loadings were relatively light, as Citaro 23106 had gone not long before. We met RF401 from The London Bus Company coming the other way.

RF406 on 227 at Penge RF401 on 227 near Kent House

We continued through Beckenham, turning up to Beckenham Church. Then it was back to suburbia for the climb over the ridge and down to Shortlands. Then it was full power for the climb up Swan Hill to Bromley. We passed RF429 at the temporary roadworks in Bromley High Street, then turned the corner at the Market Square to head east to the Town Hall. From there it was a left turn to take us to Bromley North Station. RF486 looped round to the alighting point for terminating buses.

RF429 on 227 at Bromley High Street RF486 on 227 at Bromley North

I walked round the corner to the Statiion bus stop. A few moments later RF486 came round too, set up for a journey to Crystal Palace.

RF486 on 227 at Bromley North

94: Bromley North Station to Petts Wood Station (RM1397)

The RF departed and was soon followed by SE151 on the 126. This was the first I had seen of these Go-Ahead series EnviroDarts on the 126. Presumably they replaced the MANs withdrawn in October.

Then RM1397 appeared, turning right from College Road to run down to the stop. John Huxford rotated the front destination blind to read Petts Wood Station and I climbed aboard. Most passengers went upstairs, but I headed for the front nearside, to look out over the bonnet.

SE151 on 126 at Bromley High Street RM1397 on 94 at Bromley North

It was a smooth ride. The engine purred, the suspension worked, the seats were comfortable, the bus was warm. Just what you want on a cold winter day. So I enjoyed the ride. We went south onto Kentish Way, and between The Glades and The Mall onto the High Street, for the run down to Bromley South. Then it was down into the dip and up onto Bromley Common for the run up to The Crown. There we turned left on the erstwhile 94 route to Southborough and Petts Wood. I jumped off for a photo when John drew up at the alighting stop. I boarded again for the trip into the station terminus, where John turned the bus and pulled up at the departure stop.

RM1397 on 94 at Petts Wood

94: Petts Wood Station to Bromley South Station (RM1397)

We did not remain on the stand for long. We set off on the return leg. Heading down into Southborough we met RT1798 hustling up the road towards on a 94 to Bromley Garage. This was one of the loops special to today, to make up for the lack of Grove Park: the 94s continued beyond Petts Wood Station, then turned right on the 61 route to Locksbottom and Bromley Garage.

We continued west to The Crown on Bromley Common, then headed into Bromley. At the foot of Masons Hill we met EnviroTrident 19803 heading south on a 61 for Bromley Garage and Chislehurst.

RT1798 on 94, Southborough 19803 on 61 at Bromley South

I alighted at Bromley South Station and watched the Routemaster purr away up Bromley High Street.

RM1397 on 94 at Bromley South Station

Then I walked up to Ringers Road for my next ride..

Part Three: Eltham and back.

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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