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The Guy Arab Mark III: G436

4G4: Park Royal, G436 (Total 1)

G436 G436 was a speculative venture in 1949 by Guy, who wanted to keep bus production going after the war, with London orders if possible. It employed an updated Guy chassis, with a Meadows 10.35 litre engine, fluid flywheel and preselector gearbox. It had a Guy body built on Park Royal frames that was a curious amalgam of utility and RT styles. It was a rather attractive 5-bay body, with nicely rounded corners and an overall RT shape, but with the roof framing visible on the exterior. The engine, radiator and bonnet were low-slung, in post-war fashion, and all the windows were rubber-mounted in rounded metal pans. The rear looked as though it had been forgotten, and was then designed in the "its only the back of a bus" idiom. Initially it was painted in LT's first post-war style, with overall red relieved by a cream cantrail band and upper window surrounds. After visiting Chiswick for testing it went into service at Old Kent Road on the 173, a one-bus circular route between Nunhead and Peckham. The route was reallocated to Nunhead garage in 1951, and G436 moved with it. At overhaul in 1953 it was repainted, losing the cream window surrounds. It was re-allocated to Enfield, where it served on the 121, shuttling between Ponders End and Chingford Station.

It was withdrawn in 1955, and sold with the post-war STDs to Jugoslavia.

G436, second livery

G436 main routes

Dates Garage No. Route
1949 - 1950 P Old Kent Road 173 Peckham - Nunhead
1950 - 1953 AH Nunhead 173 Peckham - Nunhead
1953 - 1955 E Enfield 121 Ponders End - Chingford Station

Photo references

G 436 KGK 981  H49 p67    1949      new, at Chiswick
               H50 p140   1950  P   on 173 to Peckham, Lord Hill
               H50 p29    1950  P   on 173 to Peckham
               LBM93 p11  1950  P   on 173 to Peckham
               H51 p99    1951  AH  on 173 to Peckham Rye
               AIHLB p29  1951      on 173 to Peckham
               CB29 p35   1952  AH  on 173 to Peckham
               H53 p133   1953  E   at Enfield LT for 121, red, cream band
               H54 p130   1954  E   on 121: Chingford & Ponders End
Thanks to John Booth for sending me a rare photo of the back of G436.

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