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This page created 29th July 2010.

Mitcham Belle Dart SLF

A key to the references can be found in the bibliography

        T136 OGC  BSiC00 p12   4/99    on 127 to Purley, Carshalton Pond

DP76    T876 HGT  LBR05 p29   11/05    on 127 to Purley, red, blue skirt, Centra

        W122 WGT  TLB438 p42  12/00    on 407A to Old Barn Lane, Kenley

        W138 WGT  TLB431 p0    6/00    on 200 to Mitcham, Colliers Wood

        V547 JBH  TLB449 p0   12/01    on 127 to Purley, Tooting, Sovereign livery

059     KM51 BFN  TLB451 p0    2/02    on 152 to Pollards Hill
063     KU02 YBB  LBM123 p08  11/02    on 493 to Tooting, South Wimbledon

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