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Logic Bus Dennis Dart SLFs

Ex Metroline SLFs: DP43, DLD115, DLD125, DLD130, DLD131

Logic Bus DLD At the end of 2011 Galleon Travel (2009) - a Harlow company - bought five dual doorway 10.1m Pointer2s from Metroline, via Ensign Bus. Four of them were immediately repainted in a similar livery to that previously carried: red with blue skirt and white roof, but with prominent route branding for route L3 (Harlow - Stanstead Abbotts - Hoddesdon - Broxbourne - Wormley - Brookfield Centre - Rosedale Estate - Hammond Street). They were given Logic Bus fleetnames, and carried large adverts for their fare structure in the front nearside window. The fifth bus (DLD125), for some reason, missed the repaint, and was presumably used as a maintenance spare (PVR=4). It continued to carry its faded Metroline livery with the fleetnames crudely deleted.

DLD125 at Harlow Bus Station DLD125 at Harlow Bus Station

DLD125 on the L3 at Harlow Bus Station, February 2013.

An ex-Metrobus Dart, and two more DLDs: 745, DLD139, 149.

Logic Bus DLD In June 2012 No35, (DLD115) was involved in an accident which caused it to be withdrawn and scrapped. Needing a replacement, Logic Bus turned to Ensign Bus, who provided ex-Metrobus 745, a single doorway 10.0m "shoebox" Pointer in blue/blue livery. This was kept in the different livery, perhaps to remind drivers and (and passengers) that this is the one-doorway bus.

Two more ex-Metroline DLDs followed later in 2012, DLD139 and 149, both dual doorway in red/blue. The L3 route was tinkered with, with an extension to Cuffley and short-workings to Cheshunt.

The ex-Armchair buses: DP1001, 1003, 1007.

In December 2012 Logic Bus competed with Roadrunner on route 1, and acquired three dual-doorway buses from Ensign Bus to run it. These were DP1001/3/7, that were ex-Metroline, having started with Armchair at Brentford. They were put into service in plain red livery, with white roofs. They were equipped with digital destination displays.

DP1003 at Harlow Bus Station

DP1003 on the 1 at Harlow Bus Station, alongside DLD125 February 2013.

DP1001 at Harlow Bus Station DP1007 at Harlow Bus Station

DP1001 and DP1007 at Harlow Bus Station, February 2013.


Stagecoach South SPDs: 33056/64/68/69/71/72: a new C3; a new (old) name

In March 2013 Logic Bus extended their fleet with an 11.3m Super Pointer Dart, previously 33071 in the Stagecoach South fleet. This entered service in a red/white/blue swirl livery - presumably Stagecoach minus the orange.

SPD. From May the parent company (Galleon Travel) rebranded the buses under the Trustybus label (having sold the original Trustybus operations to Centrebus in 2009). Now Centrebus had withdrawn from Harlow operations, so presumably Galleon felt this was the Logical thing to do. Route 351 (Hertford - Bishops Stortford) was being taken over from Roadrunner in May 2013 under the new label, but route L3 was being replaced by C3 (Harlow - Stanstead Abbotts - 100 Acre - Rye House - Hoddesdon - Broxbourne - Wormley - Brookfield Centre Cheshunt Old Pond Flamstead End - Hammond Street.). The old ex-Metroline Dart SLFs with Logic Bus livery (or not) from the L3 were withdrawn, and replaced with another five 11.3m Super Pointer Darts ex-Stagecoach South, from the same batch as 33071.

Four more SPDs and four ex-Metrobus Dart Marshalls

The rebranded company won more business from September, taking over routes 392 and 541/2/3 from TGM Essex. for the former it acquired another four ex-Stagecoach SPDs, and for the latter group four Dart Marshalls that had previously seen service with Centrewest Orpington and Metrobus. The SPDs were numbered as SPD1-10 and the Marshalls as MDS13-16.

More mixed Darts

After hiring some MPDs from Regal Busways, Trustybus bought a further two MPDs from Wessex Connect for the 541/2/3 (PDS17 and 18), another ex-Stagecoach MPD (ADS19, which did not stay long) plus four Dart/Plaxtons at the end of 2013: to from East Kent, one from Go-Ahead North East and one from TWH.

P980LNB at Harlow Bus Station, March 2014 FXZ2175 at Harlow Bus Station, March 2014

Ex-Hunny P980LNB off 411 and ex-East Kent ADE21 FXZ2175 at Harlow Bus Station, March 2014.

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