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Landmark Bus: Dennis Dart SLF

Landmark Bus of Arlesey in Bedfordshire works the 391 service into Stevenage from Stotfold and Baldock, via Letchworth and Weston, ie along the old 807 route from Letchworth to Stevenage. Their other Dart SLF route in the area is the 90/91 (Letchworth - Baldock - Stotfold - Puckeridge).

Two Dart MPDs are used, X508 WRG and W364 ABD, the former ex Tyne and Wear, and the latter from Countryliner and originating with Connex. They are both in white livery, and can be differentiated quickly by their doors: X508 WRG still has lime green from its Tyne and Wear days, while the other has black doors.

X508WRG on 391 at Stevenage Bus Station, 8th June 2013 X508WRG on 391 at Stevenage Old Town, 8th June 2013

I came across X508WRG on Saturday 8th June 2013, in Stevenage Bus Station. Later I saw it heading north for Baldock through Stevenage Old Town, and later yet, from an RF heading north on the old 807, saw it heading towards Stevenage Station.
X508WRG on 391 at Stevenage Bus Station, 8th June 2013 Two further Dart SLFs were acquired in March 2013, ex Countryliner: a 10.5m Nimbus and another MPD: KM51 BFN and YT51 EAF.

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