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Grant Palmer: Dennis Dart SLF

Grant Palmer operates mostly outwith the old London Transport Country Area, its operations being mainly in Bedfordshire, touching the LT Area at Dunstable and Luton. In Luton it operates Town Services. Like many operators it is gradually changing over from midibuses to Darts and similar buses.

Grant Palmer Marshall

Ex-Metrobus Marshalls

During 2010 Grant Palmer bought three Marshall-bodied Dart SLFs from the Stafford Bus Centre. These 10.2m buses had previuosly been with Metrobus, and before that First Orpington, having originated with Centrebus. Grant Palmer had them converted to single doorway, with new-style fronts below the windscreens. They wore bright red with a large white scoop. They went to work on the company's longer routes from Flitwick to Bedford and Biggleswade.

Ex-London Central Pointer

In April 2011 Grant Palmer hired an ex-London Central Pointer2 from Ensign Bus, for use on route 44 (Bedford - Flitwick)). It apparently liked it, for in July it purchased the bus. It was then painted in purple, with a long white scoop, for use mainly on Bedford Borough Services.

Grant Palmer ALX200

Ex-Stagecoach ALX200s

Having sampled the Dart, Grant Palmer took the plunge, with further secondhand purchases in 2011. Two 10.2m ex-Stagecoach Alexander-bodied buses were bought in July. These were converted to single doorway and repainted in red with the long white scoop.

Grant Palmer Pointer

Ex-Stagecoach ALX200s

In October 2011 Grant Palmer bought four ex-Metroline DLDs. These received the red with white scoop livery, but unusually retained their dual doorway layout. They tend to be used on the 42 and 44 (Bedford - Flitwick (-Dunstable))).

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