DAF SB220 Plaxton Prestige: Carousel Buses

This page created 12th October 2012 by Ian Smith

Red Carousel DAF Carousel Buses bought five DAF SB220s with Northern Counties/Plaxton Prestige bodies over a period of several months at the end of 2004 and start of 2005. They were all secondhand, from the same source: airport parking. They had all been new to Speedlink in December 1997, and had been used variously at Heathrow and Birmingham International Airports. For their airport use they had all been dual doorway buses, but Carousel had four of them converted to single doorway.

DAF981 and 988 were the first pair acquired, in October 2004. Single-doored, Carousel had them painted in a new red and maroon livery for use on Line 4.
Green Carousel DAF

The next two, DAF 984 and 986 followed in December, also single doorwayed, but in a two-greens version of the livery, route-branded for the 336 (Chesham - Watford). These two were sold to Nu-Venture in May 2009 for use on the Trans-Weald routes 295 and 297, along with 988. There they retained green livery, and 988 was repainted to match.

981 and 976 were then loaned to Thames Transit in mid-2012.

Green Carousel DAF DAF976 was acquired in March 2005. It retained its dual doorway layout and white livery, being sign-written for Carousel Parking Logistics. It seems that it was intended for contract work, although it did appear on ordinary bus work. In July 2007 it was repainted in plain red, but still retained its dual doorways.

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