Last RMLs on the 38

This page created 21st Novemnber 2005 by Ian Smith

Part One: Wednesday 26th October

I thought this was going to be my last chance to travel on RMLs in ordinary service. My wife and I had been for a walk across the Northern Heights, past the Ally Pally, Highgate Village and Hampstead, and has caught a 24 down into London. And suddenly there was a Routemaster in front (RM1640), on route 38, heading for Victoria. So we jumped off our Metroline President at Centre Point, and waited a few seconds for the next 38. We climbed aboard RML2416 and took seats behind the bonnet.

RM 1640 at Centre Point RML 2676 on Piccadilly

We headed round the corner into Charing Cross Road, then right into Shaftesbury Avenue. We negotiated the one way system round into Lower Regent Street and back up to Piccadilly Circus. We gave Eros the cold shoulder, and headed west along Piccadilly, with a steady stream of RMLs coming the other way. Perhaps it goes without saying, but on the way we passed several newer buses as they took their time at stops, while our back-loader was in and away quickly. We skirted round Hyde Park Corner and down by the back wall of Buckingham Palace along Grosvenor Place. A whizz round the one way system and a hard turn left, and there we were: Victoria Bus Station.

RML 2416 at Victoria RML 2416 at Victoria

I thought that that was it, but it wasn't..

Part Two: Friday interlude at Victoria

Bus Stop Part Two: Friday interlude at Victoria