The BEA Airport RFs

This page created 20th January 1998, updated 14th February 2002.

Photographic References

A key to the references is in the bibliography

MLL 713  RF p68           at Waterloo Air terminal
         CB58 p07         publicity photo at Heathrow
         CB71 p53   6/67  wth Bird's (contractors), Cardiff Docks

MLL 714  RF p66     1952  new
         AIHLBp124        at Heathrow				

MLL 720  HeyLB2p3   1970  with Continental Pioneer, Richmond		

MLL 721  CB58 p08         in BEA blue/black/white

MLL 722  H57 p13    1957  at Heathrow

MLL 724  H53 p105   1953

MLL 725  GDRF p82   9/59  at Heathrow, grey/white

MLL 729  LBM145 p49 7/76  as Uniform Issue Unit, 1467W, at Chiswick	 

MLL 735  RF p69           as Uniform Issue Unit with trailer, 1468W	 
         GDRF p84   7/73  Uniform Issue Unit 1468W

MLL 740  HeyLB2p34  1968  at Heathrow, grey/white
         LBiC60 p28 6/68  at Heathrow, grey/white
         HeyLB p15  1969  at Heathrow, grey/white	
         HeyLB p38  1970  at Heathrow, orange / white	
         RF p69     1970  at W.London Air Terminal, orange/white	
         HeyLB2p61  1972  at Heathrow, orange / white	
         LB&TA p68                     orange / white	
         GDRF p83         preserved, Cobham, orange/white

MLL 748  RF p27           at Waterloo Air Terminal
         RF p67     1953  at Waterloo Air Terminal
         BPRM p51   1966  at Heathrow					

MLL 760  LB&TAp127        ex-LT, with Location Facilities as dressing room + generator

NLP 636  GDRF p81         at Victoria, blue/grey/cream

NLP 637  RF p66

NLP 647  LTBG p35   196*  leaving Hammersmith Garage

NLP 648  HeyLB2 p3  7/70  in Continental Pioneer's yard at Richmond 

NLP 650  RF p66
         RF p68           at Waterloo Air Terminal
         RF p69           in Buckingham Palace Rd

         RF p95           at Gloucester Rd Air Terminal

         TBX67 p35  1967  Uniform Issue Unit

MLL 740 at Cobham RF Day 1998 interior of MLL 740

MLL740 in preservation, October 1999, at Cobham RF Running Day. Interior picture taken with permission of owner.

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