London Buses Renault-DodgeS75 / Wright B28F, RW1-90

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RW sketch London Buses Centrewest bought 90 Wright-bodied Renault S75s during 1990. The bodywork was the same as that for the small MW class acquired for Selkent at Catford, apart from some styling differences to accommodate the Renault front. They also had conventional roller blinds.

Hoppas on the 282

The first 14 were given the hoppa brand, and went to work in early March on route 282 (Mount Vernon Hospital - Northwood - Greenford - Ealing Hospital) from Hanwell, with peak schools services still provided by Metrobuses.

RW19 and RW22 went on loan briefly to East London at Bow, to work with RBs, before returning to Hanwell, whilst T52-54 spent a brief period as trainers at Catford, and T23 spent some time as a trainer at Kingston.


RW sketch The remainder implemented an E-Line operation at Ealing, akin to the Uxbridge U-Line (which used MA midibuses). It arrived in stages, with the buses: May saw new RWs take over the E3 on weekdays branded for E-Line. They worked from Acton Tram Depot, as an outstation from Hanwell. Towards the end of July the E6, E7 and E9 were introduced, working from Hanwell.

In November more new RWs were put to work on the abbreviated E1, with the remnant as E8, and on the E2. The E1 reverted to Metrobus operation in the peaks.

E3 Greenford - West Ealing - Acton - Chiswick
E6 Greenford - Hayes Stn
E7 Ealing Broadway Stn - West Ealing - Greenford - Yeading - Ruislip Stn (- Manor Road)
E9 Ealing Broadway Stn - Greenford - Yeading (- Smiths Farm)
E1 Ealing Broadway Stn - Greenford
E8 Ealing Broadway Stn - Hanwell - Brentford
E2 (Ruislip Stn -) Greenford - Ealing Broadway Stn - Northfields - Brentford (- Syon Park)


Centrewest opened a new midibus base at Greenford on 6th March 1993, and moved the entire RW class there, closing Hanwell. At three years old the RWs were suffering mechanically. The sturdy bodywork by Wrights was fine, but the buses needed new engines, replacement electrical systems, new heavy-duty rear axles, new suspension and new brakes. It may have been at this time that there was consideration of putting replacement Mercedes chassis under the Wright bodies.


In September 1994 the Centrewest unit of London Buses was privatised, retaining the Centrewest name. The RWs and the Greenford midibus base were among the assets transferred.

The Beeline

In 1996 Centrewest lost the 95 and 105 at retendering, making twenty-eight RWs redundant at Greenford. They were moved to The Beeline, taken over by Centrewest in March, replacing Leyland Nationals at Slough. The moved buses were the earliest of the RWs, but looked better in BeeLine yellow than in London red. More followed in 1997. They lasted with Beeline until mid-1999, when most were transferred away in the First empire. Many went to First Manchester or First Pioneer at Oldham, while a few went to First Mainline in Rotherham, where they promptly expired on the Yorkshire hills.

Others went to small operators around the country, or in Ireland. RW34 returned to London, as a staff ferry with London Buslines at Southall.


The remaining RWs at Centrewest were transferred or sold off, mostly in 1997 and 1998. Some went to Northampton, some to Leicester, others to First Manchester, with the remnant to small operators.

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