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London's Country Garages

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London's Country Garages started using garage codes in 1935, some time after the Central Area.

As a Country bus frequently ran on several routes during a day's duty, running numbers were allocated on a garage basis rather than for particular routes. So DG 24 seen on a GS on route 471 would mean it was Dunton Green's duty 24, not its 24th duty on route 471. (This was different from Central area practice).

Another difference in practice arose from the over-nighting of GreenLine coaches. The long green Line routes from one side of the Country zone, through the Capital to the other side, meant that these routes were usually operated from two Country garages out on the edges. Some duties had a coach ending up at the "wrong" garage. Next morning it would wear the duty plate of THAT DAY's starting garage.

Privatisation of London Country saw much property and operations separated for sale, with lease agreements, to enable management buyouts in the property-expensive London suburban doughnut. This inevitably led to the redevelopment of many garages by their owners, and a plethora of small yards acquired from small operators: a reversal of the process in 1933 when LPTB took over a host of small operators and built new garages to consolidate the fleets.

Code Garage Opening dates, notes Closure dates, notes
- Aylesbury (Tofeld's Garage) Red Rover (Green Line from 1932) closed, 1933
AY Aylesbury Luton & District Arriva The Shires
BL Slough (Alpha Street) LGOC closed, LPTB, 20/04/33
- Bishops Stortford LGOC (for National), 1928 closed, LPTB, 1934
BS Bishops Stortford Acme (Green Line from 1932) closed, LPTB 09/34
CM Chelsham LGOC (for E.Surrey),20/01/25 closed, LCSW 1990
CL Cranleigh Aldershot & District: LCSW from 1991 Arriva G&WS
CR Crayford LGOC closed, LPTB, 1934
- Crayford (municipal) used by BoroLine, then Kentish Bus relinquished
CY Crawley East Surrey, 1929 closed, LC, 21/11/82
CY Crawley LC, 21/11/82 Metrobus
- Debden Frontrunner SE, LCNE 06/89 closed
DB Dunstable Luton & District closed
DG Dunton Green LGOC (for E.Surrey),**/04/22 closed, Kentish Bus 15/02/98
DS Dorking LGOC 06/32 closed, LCSW 1990
DT Dartford M&D, LPTB from 1933
1986 new garage
Arriva Kent Thameside
- East Ham Battens, LPTB from 1933 closed, 1935
EG East Grinstead East Surrey, 1925 closed, LC, 29/12/81
- Egham Green Line closed, LPTB, 06/36
EP Epping Green Line, 09/34 closed, LT, 21/05/63
- Ewhurst A&D, LPTB from 1933 closed, LPTB 1935
GD Godstone LGOC (for E.Surrey),20/01/25 closed, LCSW 1990
GF Guildford LGOC 03/32 Arriva Guildford & West Sussex
GR Garston 18/06/52 Arriva The Shires
GY Grays LPTB, 02/36 closed, Arriva 1993
GY West Thurrock Arriva 1993 Arriva Southern Counties
GA Grays (Argent Street) Eastern National, LT from 195* closed
HA Harefield Filkins & Ainsworth closed, LPTB, 01/01/36
- Harpenden Green Line (rented from Comfy Coaches), 1930 closed, LPTB, 1936
HA Harlow LT, 1963 Arriva
HE High Wycombe LGOC (for Am&D), 1929 closed, LC, 30/09/77
HF Hatfield LGOC (for National),1922 closed, 18/02/59
HF Hatfield LT, 18/02/59
reopened 09/88
closed, LCNE 06/88
closed, 11/89
HG Hertford LPTB, 02/01/35 closed, 04/89
- Hertford Heath Skylark (Green Line from 1932) closed, 1935
HH Hemel Hempstead (Two Waters) LPTB, 1935 closed, Arriva, 1995
HH Hemel Hempstead Arriva The Shires 1995 Arriva The Shires
HN Hitchin LPTB, 12/33 closed, LT, 27/04/59
HW High Wycombe (Cressex) The Shires 1992 closed, LT, 27/04/59
- Hoddesdon Sampsons, 03/89 Sovereign closed
LH Leatherhead LGOC (for E.Surrey),01/06/25 closed, 1999
LD Luton & Dunstable Arriva The Shires Arriva The Shires
LN Luton Luton & District closed
LS Luton (Langley Street) Road Cars, LGOC from 1925 closed, LGOC 1928
LS Luton (Park Street West) Strawhatter, LPTB from 1934 closed, LC, 29/01/77
MA (AM) Amersham Am & Dist., 15/09/19 closed, LPTB, 1936
MA/MA Amersham LPTB, 1935 closed, 1992
MM Merstham Arriva 1996 closed, Arriva 04/01
NF Northfleet LPTB, 07/37 Arriva Kent Thameside
- Ongar Associated Coachways (then GL) closed, LPTB 09/34
- Romford (White Hart) LGOC, 1923 closed, LGOC, 1928
RE Romford (London Rd) Hillmans
reopened in 1946
war closure in 09/42
closed, LC, 02/07/77
RF Romford (North Street) Green Line: rented fropm Ice & Cold Storage Co. given up, LPTB 11/38
RG Reigate LGCS 1932 closed, Arriva 1996
- St Albans (Hatfield Road) StAlbans & District closed, LPTB, 1936
SA St Albans LPTB 1936 closed, LCNE 1991
SJ Swanley LGOC (for E.Surrey),21/10/25
First Orpington
Southlands Coaches
closed, 1986: later LCSE, closed 08/89
- Slough (Alpha Street) 1930, leased by Green Line closed, 01/33
SL Slough (Bath Road) Premier Line, rented by LPTB 1933 closed, LPTB 12/36
SL Slough (Langley Road) LGOC
LPTB 01/34
closed, 1937
SL Slough LC 1984 2/93 sold to Q-Drive
- Slough (Alpha Street) 1930, leased by Green Line closed, 01/33
- Slyfield Blue Saloon, LCSW 1997 closed
SV Stevenage (Fishers Green) 1955 closed, 18/04/59
SV Stevenage 18/04/59 closed, 08/91
SV Stevenage (Norton Green) 08/91 Luton & District Arriva The Shires
TG Tring Chiltern Bus Service, LPTB from 1933 closed, LC, 02/04/77
TW Tunbridge Wells Autocar, East Surrey 1928
reopened in 1946
war closure in 9/42
LT, 02/12/67
- Waltham Abbey LGOC, 1926 closed, LGOC, 1933
WA Watford (High Street) closed, LT, 28/04/59
- Watford Parade Bucks Express (Green Line from 1932)
WB Wycombe Bus Station 12/89 LCNW Arriva The Shires
WE Ware (Park Road) Peoples closed, LPTB, 1935
WE Ware Arriva Arriva The Shires & Essex
WG Wyatts Green Frontrunner SE, 06/89 County closed
- Woking (St.Johns) local, taken over by LGOC 1931 closed, LGOC 1931
- Woking (Walton Road) A&D, taken over by LGOC 1931 closed, LGOC 05/33
WK Woking A&D, LCSW from 1991 Arriva G&WS
WR Ware (Town Hall) Harvey & Burrows, then National, LPTB in 1933 closed, LPTB,02/01/35
WR Ware (Park Street) Peoples, LPTB from 1933 closed, LPTB 02/01/35
WR (WC) Windsor Green Line 01/33, extended by LPTB 1936 closed, LC 1984
WT Watford (Leavesden Rd) LGOC (for National),25/08/20 closed, LGOC, 1/25
WT Watford (Leavesden Rd) LGOC (for Green Line),1929 closed, LT,17/06/52
WY Weybridge closed, LPTB 06/36
WY Addlestone LPTB 06/36 closed, 1997

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