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London's Central Area Garages

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Running numbers at most garages were allocated for particular routes. So TB 14 seen on a RT on route 47 would mean it was Bromley's duty 14 on route 47.

Garage plates were worn in the early days, but at some date they were painted onto the buses in the plate holder position. If a bus was loaned to another garage aluminium garage plates could then be inserted over the painted code..

The following list is not complete. There was a number of small private garages taken over at the formation of London Transport which were allocated codes, and operated buses, for a short period. There is also a number of operating bases for small modern operators about which I have gleaned little.

Code Garage Opening dates, notes Closure dates, notes
A Sutton 01/1924 London General
AA Merton Abbey outstation 1989
AB Twickenham 03/1912 LGOC
06/1919 reopened
04/1924 reopened
01/1919 requisitioned by RFC
05/21 closed: used for body building
04/70 closed
AC Willesden 1912 LGOC Metroline
AD Palmers Green 07/1912 LGOC Arriva London N
AE Hendon 03/1913 LGOC 06/87 closed
AF Putney, Chelverton Rd 1888 horse buses, 1912 motor buses London General
AG/CH Ash Grove 04/1981 LT
05/94 Kentish Bus (CH: Cambridge Heath)
3/00 reopened: East Thames Buses (AG)
11/91 closed
02/98 left by Kentish Bus
East Thames Buses/HackneyCT
AH Nunhead 1911 National Steam Car Co: steam buses
04/1920 reopened by LGOC
used by LT as workshops
leased to Charles Banfield. 1979 used by Obsolete Fleet
11/1919 closed
01/54 closed
AH Brentford 1999 Armchair Metroline
AK Streatham 06/1913 LGOC for MET buses
02/87 reopened after rebuild
10/84 temporary relocation to CA
03/92 closed
AL Merton 11/1913, LGOC London General
AM Plumstead 10/1913 LGOC
1919 re-opened
c1914 requisitioned by WD
10/81 closed
AN Catford 1914 LGOC closed 01/1915 (see TL)
AP Seven Kings 05/1913 LGOC 03/93 closed
AQ Camden Town 11/1905 Associated Omnibus 09/33 closed
AR Tottenham 07/1913 MET buses, 06/19 LGOC Arriva London N
AT Acton Tram Depot 1896 LUT horse trams, 04/1901 electric trams, 04/36 trolleybuses
1990 reopened as bus garage
03/37 closed: used as LT store
First London
AV Hounslow 12/1913 LGOC
07/1919 reopened
01/1915 requisitioned by WD
London United:Transdev
AW Abbey Wood 04/1910, LCC Tramways, 07/52 buses 10/81 closed
B Battersea 07/1906, London Road Car Co.
re-opened, London Coaches
11/85 closed
04/88 closed
B Wood Lane, White City 07/1992: outstation to S 03/95 closed
BA Battersea outstation Kentish Bus, yard next to B Arriva London S
BB Battersea Minibus unit 06/93, opposite B 06/98 closed
BC Beddington Cross 02/2000 Connex
BD Brookdell Yard, Garston Metroline outstation
BE Blue Triangle, Rainham Go-Ahead London
BF/CN Beddington Farm 12/90 London Country SW (CN)
10/90 Arriva London South (BF)
Arriva London S
BK Barking 01/1924 LGOC, 1931 modernised East London Bus Group
BN Brixton 1892 cable trams, 1906 electric trams, 1951 buses Arriva London S
BT Brixton Hill, Waterworks Rd Green Line Private Hire LPTB 1937
BT Borehamwood BTS Transdev
BV Belvedere 02/98 Harris Bus, 05/2000 East Thames Buses East Thames Buses
BW Bow 1908 LCC trams, 11/39 trolleybuses, 08/59 buses East London Bus Group
BX Bexleyheath 11/1935 LPTB
01/1988 reopened: Bexleybus, 11/90 London Central
08/86 closed
London Central
C Athol Street, Poplar 1879 LGOC horse buses, 1907 motor buses 05/61 closed
C Croydon Metrobus Metrobus
CA Clapham 1885 London Tramways, 05/1903 electric trams, 10/50 buses
03/1961 National Transport Museum
1981 LT, rebuilt garage opened
11/58 closed
04/73 closed
02/87 closed
CB/CK Chiswick Tram Depot 1883: horse buses, 07/1901 LUT: new depot,
07/35 bus garage (CK) during AF rebuild
1966 used for BEA fleet
1922 bought by LCC, mainly store
03/36 reverted to store
08/78 BEA departed
rebuilt as Stamford Brook
CE Hendon, Colindale 1904 MET trams (Hendon), 1913 trams & MET buses (Hendon)
7/36 trolleybuses (Hendon), 7/50 renamed Colindale
1914 bus garage closed
1/62 closed
CF Chalk Farm 03/1916, LGOC 07/93 closed
CL Clay Hall 10/1931 rebuilt from Y11/59 closed
CN Sutton, Carshalton 1906 South Met trams (Sutton), 12/35 trolleybuses (Sutton)
07/50 renamed Carshalton, 3/59 buses
01/64 closed
CT Hackney, Clapton 1882 North Met Tramways: horse trams, LCC: 1909 electric trams,
9/39 trolleybuses (Hackney), 1950 renamed Clapton, 04/59 motor buses
05/89 reopened

08/87 closed
Arriva London N
D Dalston 07/1906 Motor Bus Co.
01/1908 re-opened, Vanguard
*/1907 closed
*/81 closed
DM Dagenham Dock 11/1989 Ensignbus First Capital
BR/DX Barking 03/1992 Grey-Green Arriva London NE
E Enfield 1927 LGOC for Public, 10/84 modernised Arriva London N
ED Elmers End 03/29 LGOC 10/86 closed
EM Edmonton 1881 N.London Suburban Tramway Co: steam trams, 1902 MET
10/38 trolleybuses, 04-07/61 buses
01/86 closed
EM Edmonton (Gibbs Rd) 1991 County Bus 09/97 closed
ED/EM/EC Edmonton (Wharf) 1993 London Suburban Bus (ED), then MTL London
09/97 County Bus (EM/EC)
06/96 closed
Arriva London NE
EW/BT Edgware 1925 LGOC, 01/39 new building, 10/84 third garage
05/99 half leased by Sov (BT), 11/99 other half reclaimed by Metroline
03/93 shed closed: midibus base
Metroline (EW), Sovereign (BT)
F Putney Bridge 1913 National Steam Car Co: steam trams
01/20 LGOC motor buses
1919 closed
11/58 closed
FW Fulwell 1902 LUT, trams, 05/31-10/35 trolleybuses, 05/62 buses London United: Transdev
FY Finchley 07/1905 MET, 08/36 trolleybuses, 11/61 buses 01/94 closed
G Forest Gate 1898 Great Eastern London Motor Omnibus Co. 04/60 closed
G Greenford 03/1993 leased from London Borough of Ealing First London
GB Victoria Basement 10/1986: operations by Central London Minibus unit 06/93 closed
GM Victoria,Gillingham St 03/40 LT 07/93 closed
H Hackney 06/1911 LGOC 04/81 closed
H Hackney First London
HB Hammersmith 05/1908 LCC trams, 0937 trolleybuses, 1961 BEA coaches 07/66 closed
HD Harrow Weald 04/1930 LGOC Metroline
WK/HH Hounslow Heath 06/1987 Westlink (WK), renamed HH in 1999 Transdev
HL Hanwell 1901 LUT, 11/36 trolleybuses, 11/60 buses 03/93 closed
HR Harlesden 1994 Atlas Bus, 11/94 Metroline
HS Hayes First London
HT Holloway, Highgate 11/1907 LCC trams (Holloway), 3/38-04/52 trolleybuses
1950 renamed Highgate, 07/60-04/61 buses, 09/71 renamed Holloway
- Hounslow (Albion Rd) AML Coaches, LCSW 1994 -
HW Hanwell, Southall 03/25 LGOC (Hanwell), 1950 renamed Southall 08/86 closed
ID Ilford 1903 Ilford UDC trams, 2/38 trolleybuses 08/59 closed
IH Hounslow, Isleworth 07/1901 LUT, 10/35 trolleybuses, 195* renamed Isleworth 05/62 closed
J Holloway 187* LGOC horse buses, 1911 motor buses 09/71 closed
K Kingston 01/1922 LGOC 2000 closed
KX Kings Cross 06/08 moved to Old Potato Mkt
L Loughton 1923 LGOC 12/53 closed
L Loughton 12/53 LT, new garage 05/86 closed
L Leyton (Ruckholt Rd) BRS depot, 11/88 Kentish Bus 05/86 closed
LB Leyton, Lea Bridge 1889 Leyton & Walthamstow Tramways Co., 1906 Leyton UDC trams
06/39 trolleybuses, 1950 renamed Lea Bridge
04/59 closed
LM Lewisham (Deptford) 1994 Kentish Bus 1996 closed
LV Lee Valley Arriva London
M Mortlake 1901 LGOC horse bus stables, 07/1906 motor buses 06/83 closed
MB Metrobus Bromley 08/86 Metrobus Metrobus
MH Muswell Hill 09/25 LGOC 07/90 closed
Muswell Hill (LCNW) 04/87 LCNW 06/88 closed
MW Mandela Way London General
N Norwood 03/1909 LGOC
1984, reopened after rebuild
04/81 closed for rebuild
Arriva London S
NA North Acton R&I Coaches, 1995 MTL, 1998 Metroline closed
NB Norbiton 05/52 LT 09/91 closed
NP Northumberland Park First London
NS Romford, North Street 08/1953 LT East London Bus Group
NW North Wembley 1994 midibus base Metroline
NX New Cross 1906 LCC trams, 1951-2 buses London Central
OB Orpington 08/1986 midibus base 12/95 closed
ON Alperton 06/39 LPTB First London
P Old Kent Road London Tramways Co: horse trams, take-over by LCC: electric trams
1907 reopened, Vanguard: motor buses
11/58 closed
PA West Perivale Armchair, Metroline
PB Potters Bar 05/30 LGOC for Overground Metroline
PD Plumstead 10/1981 London Buses East London Bus Group
PL Plough Lane London General
PM Peckham 1876 Thomas Tilling: horse buses, later motor buses and works
05/51: LT new garage
01/94 closed
PM Peckham low-cost base 01/1994, London Buses London Central
PR Poplar 12/1906 LCC trams, 6/40 trolleybuses, 11/59 motor buses 11/85 closed
PV Perivale Metroline
Q Camberwell 06/1914 LGOC,
07/1919 reopened
11/1914 requisitioned by WD
London Central
R Hammersmith, Riverside 12/1913 LGOC (Hammersmith), 1950 renamed Riverside 06/83 closed
RA Waterloo Red Arrow 1990 London Buses London General
RD Romford, Hornchurch 07/1924 LGOC (Romford), 1935 renamed Hornchurch 09/88 closed
RL Rye Lane 01/1952 LT 03/69 closed
S Shepherds Bush 02/1907 Vanguard
1919 partly reopened
07/23 reopened after rebuild by LGOC
World War One: requisitioned
01/1920 closed for rebuild
London United: Transdev
SD Stratford 09/1992 London Buses closed
SE Stonebridge Park 10/1906 MET trams, 07/36 trolleybuses, 01/62 motor buses 08/81 closed
SF Stamford Hill 02/1907 LCC trams, 02/39 trolleybuses, 07/61 motor buses
reopened for Leaside Travel
05/95 closed
03/2000 mothballed
SI Silvertown Docklands Buses
SP Sidcup 06/1924 LGOC 01/88 closed
SW Stockwell 04/1952 LT London General
T Leyton 1912 LGOC East London Bus Group
TB Bromley 04/1924 LGOC for Thomas Tilling East London Bus Group
TC Croydon 01/1916 LGOC for Thomas Tilling Arriva London S
TH Thornton Heath 10/1879 Croydon Tramways, 09/1901 electric trams
04/51 re-opened, motor buses
01/1950: staff/trams to Purley
Arriva London S
TL Catford 10/1920 LGOC
for Thomas Tilling
East London Bus Group
TV Tolworth 11/2001, London United London United: Transdev
U Upton Park 1907 London Road Car Co.
reopened 05/1919
11/1915 requisitioned
East London Bus Group
UX Uxbridge 1921 LGOC (Denham), 12/83 new garage at UX Stn First London
V Turnham Green 1899 LGOC horse buses, 05/1911 motor buses 05/80 closed
V Stamford Brook 05/1980 after rebuild from CB London United: Transdev
W Dollis Hill, Cricklewood 1898 LGOC Dollis Hill stables, 1905 motor buses Metroline
WA Waterden Road Stagecoach East London closed
WD Wandsworth 1883 South London Tramways, 1902 LCC, 08/1906 rebuilt,
09/37-09/50 trolleybuses & trams, 09/50 buses
04/88 reopened for London Coaches, RLST

07/87 closed: store,Lon Coaches
Arriva TOLST
WG West Green 1922 Admiral, 1927 Public, 03/28 LGOC 01/62 closed
WH West Ham 10/1906 West Ham Corporation Tramways, 06/37 trolleybuses, 59-60 motor buses 10/92 closed
WJ Willesden Junction First London
WL Camberwell, Walworth 1891 London Tramways Co, then LCC Camberwell,
07/50 renamed Walworth, 10/51 motor buses
1987 reopened as Red Arrow temporary base
12/92 reopened for Londonlinks
reopened by Travel London

11/85 closed
closed again
08/97 closed again
WN Wood Green North Met steam trams, 07/1904 MET trams, 05/38 trolleybuses
04-11/61 motor buses
Arriva London N
WW Walthamstow 06/1905 Walthamstow UDC: electric trams, 1936-7 trolleybuses
02/60 buses

1994 closed
WR Heathrow, West Ramp 01/1995
2000 closed
X Middle Row Kensington 05/1910 LGOC 08/81 closed
X Westbourne Park 08/1981 LT First London
Y Old Ford 1897 LGOC horse buses, 10/1910 motor buses
07/1919 reopened: lorry buses
rebuilt as Clay Hall
04/1917 closed
01/1920 closed: used as store
see CL
Y Orpington 03/1996 First Orpington

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