RT1702 at Brooklands

Brooklands Bus Running Day

Sunday 23rd October 2011

Prepared by Ian Smith, 25th October 2011

Before the start

227: Bromley to Crystal Palace: Stagecoach 34236

I caught a 126 into Bromley: as often on a Sunday now it was an EnviroDart - 4027 - rather than one of the route's weekday SLFs, which have now been around for some time. I alighted at Bromley North, where I had just six minutes to wait for the 0800 227 service to Crystal Palace. It was a busy six minutes (for before 8 o'clock on a Sunday morning). Stagecoach's EnviroTrident 19131 slipped out on a 61 to Chislehurst, Metrobus' Scania 912 passed through on a 261 to Farnborough Hospital, and Stagecoach provided longish Dart SLF 34363 on the 314 to New Addington.

4027 on 126 at Bromley North Station 19131 on 61 at Bromley North Station 912 on 261 at Bromley North Station

Stagecoach also provided the Super Pointer Dart for the 227: 34236, now eleven years old and getting long in the tooth. I enjoyed the journey along the 227, my first on a non-RF. The SuperDart whirred along, down into the Ravensbourne valley at Shortlands, and up the other side to Beckenham. Along to Penge, and up the long grinding hill to Crystal Palace. As I prepared to alight the driver told me that they were wondering what they would get as replacements at retender: EnviroDarts or hybrids.

34363 on 314 at Bromley North Station 34236 on 227 at Crystal Palace

34236 roared off to the bus station - no U-turns on Crystal Palace Parade these days. I followed along on foot and obtained an unusual view from the grassy mound just to the east side of the bus station.

34236 on 227 at Crystal Palace 34236 off 227 at Crystal Palace

A pair of Abellio's Tridents passed on route 3, 9759 arriving and 9760 heading off to Oxford Circus.

9759 on 3 at Crystal Palace 9760 on 3 at Crystal Palace

There was a flurry of small Darts, Abellio's MPD 8035 arriving off the 322, closely followed by Arriva's slightly longer PDL99 - still with Edmonton garage codes on the side - on the 410. Abellio's 8019 departed on a 322, with Arriva's PDL136 close behind on a 450.

PDL99 on 410 at Crystal Palace 8019 on 322 at Crystal Palace

I had three-quarters of an hour before my bus was due out at 0915. Time for breakfast. I crossed the road to a cafe, and placed my order, and settled down on the terrace to watch the buses come and go...

Part 2: RT1702 on the 131.

All photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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