RLH48 at Chalfont St.Giles

Slough & Windsor Bus Running Day

Sunday May 14th 2006

Prepared by Ian Smith, 28th May 2006

Part Three: 353: Slough to Chalfont St Giles (RLH48)

After acquiring some lunch I returned to Slough bus station via the subway. Against the back wall RF406 was still waiting for its trip to Staines on the 460, but now behind it stood RTL139, taking a break from its exertions on the 457 between Windsor and Uxbridge. RM1859, still in Reading Mainline livery, lurked behind it.

RF406 on 460, Slough Bus Stn RTL139 on 457, Slough Bus Stn

I joined the crew on RLH48, which had been prepared for a 353 trip to Chalfont St.Giles.

RLH48 ready for 353, Slough Bus Stn RLH48 ready for 353, Slough Bus Stn

We made a circuit to reach our designated stop in the bus station. We went out to the roundabout, where Rt624 pulled round in front of us, coming in from a 460 duty. While we waited behind it at the alighting stop we saw Blackpool-liveried RM1989 coming down the other side of the dual carriageway. After it had negotiated the roundabout it followed us into the relative gloom of the bus station.

RT624 on 460, Slough RT624 on 460, Slough RM1989 on 457, Slough Bus Stn

We loaded up. I took a front nearside seat, that gives probably the best view forward on an RLH (except the driver's, of course!). We turned right round the roundabout and headed north up the B416 towards Stoke Poges. We were quickly out into countryside. It felt quite rural as we squeezed round out the estate wall of Stoke Place. Stoke Poges was a return to suburbia, then Stoke Common was one of several woodland areas as we headed north.

Stoke Place Stoke Common.

We passed under the M40 and into Gerrards Cross. There is a bus turning circle in the village, still protected by original London Transport signs. I wonder if they still own it? We pulled in, and stopped for photos.

RLH48 at Gerrards Cross RLH48 at Gerrards Cross.

We went on, through the suburbia of Gerrards Cross and Chalfont St Peter, then joined the A413 towards Amersham for a couple of miles, to reach Chalfont St.Giles. At the crossroads we turned left down the hill towards the old village centre, where we terminated.

Chalfont St.Giles RLH48 at Chalfont St.Giles.

Now the bus had to be turned. Mike Sheppey, the conductor saw the bus back into a side-opening, then Richard Proctor turned the RLH in the road, then set it back into the bus stance. Easier said than done!

RLH48 turns at Chalfont St.Giles RLH48 turns at Chalfont St.Giles.

RLH48 turns at Chalfont St.Giles RLH48 turns at Chalfont St.Giles.

353: Chalfont St Giles to Windsor Bus Stn (RLH48)

I reclaimed my front seat, and we set off to retrace our route to Chalfont St.Peter and Gerrards Cross. At the latter an RF arrived at the bus turning point just before we passed, and there was a flurry of photographers and / or disappointed passengers on the far side of the road as we went by.

RLH48 leaves Chalfont St.Giles Chiltern woodlands.

Running down into Slough we passed the Blackpool-liveried RM1989 heading for Burnham Beeches, then let RF281 pass across our front to the bus station. We made our trip through the cavern, passed across the roundabout again, and headed for Windsor. RTL139 came the other way on another northbound 457 together with green RML2440 on a 484 to Britwell.

RF281 at Slough RTL139 on 457, RML2440 on 484.

RLH48 had made a visit to Eton in the morning, but now we turned onto the by-pass. Tiny rabbits on the verge totally ignored the big green monster, recognising it as no threat to them. A heron lazily flapped past as we headed for the Thames bridge. We pulled off the by-pass and descended into Windsor, passing under the tall railway bridge and running alongside the River briefly.

Windsor Rail Bridge Thames at Windsor.

We turned up towards the Castle, and wound up the deliberately winding street below the menace of its walls (yes - that is what it was built like this for). Traffic was jammed up in the narrow street, as always. We passed the White Bus Services Bedford, itself twenty one years old and still in service.

Windsor Castle White Bus Bedford. Windsor Castle

A little further along the road we met RT3254 heading for Slough on another 417. We headed for the old bus garage, meeting RML2394 on a northbound 457 on the way.

RT3254 in Windsor RML2394 in Windsor.

We reached the end of the line: Windsor Bus Station. I alighted here, and watched while the blinds were reset for the next long haul: to Amersham. But that would have to wait for another day. I waved the bus off, and waited to see what would arrive next...

RLH48 at Windsor Bus Stn RLH48 leaves Windsor Bus Stn.

Part 4: RMC1476 to Langley Village

All photos by Ian Smith. Click on most of them for a larger picture.

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