RLH48 at Chalfont St.Giles

Slough & Windsor Bus Running Day

Sunday May 14th 2006

Prepared by Ian Smith, 28th May 2006

Part One: Slough Bus Station

I didn't know Slough at all. I knew that John Betjeman had not been impressed, but my sole experience was of changing trains on the way back from Windsor. Today I travelled out from Paddington on the slow train, and emerged from the really rather nice GWR station into a concrete jungle. A sign pointed south to the bus station and I walked that way. RMC1476 popped round the corner in front of me and turned in to the bottom of the multi-storey car-park: so that's where the bus station is!

I walked on round to the front of the bus station, where RF406 was on the 335 - whether coming or going I wasn't sure. The bus station pedestrian entrance was as unprepossessing as the vehicle entrance. Presumably passengers are expected to arrive via the under-road tunnels from the shopping centre.

RMC1476 on 484, Slough RF406 on 335 at Slough

I went in, bought a programme, and had a look round to see what was there. Inside the well-lit cavern lurked RF457 on the 441 to Old Windsor Hospital. And that subtly different RM shape had to be - yes - RM1, out for the day, ready for a 474 trip to Burnham Beeches (one of the day's frequent crowd-pullers). Green RML 2419 appeared to have worked in on a 718.

RF457 on 441 in Slough Bus Stn RM1 on 474 in Slough Bus Stn RML2419 on 718 in Slough Bus Stn

Modernised RF48 was loading for a trip to Burnham Beeches by the alternative 442 route, while green RML2440 was waiting for its turn on the 441 to Datchet Green.

RF48 on 442 in Slough Bus Stn RML2440 on 441 in Slough Bus Stn

Out on the west front more buses could be seen: RM2116 in its 1933 garage show bus livery, Green Line RT3228, red RT2177, and early livery roofbox RT3496, all waited turns or loaded up for journeys. By way of complete contrast one of Carousel Buses' Mercedes Citaros (CB53) bustled out on the 74 to High Wycombe.

RM2116, RT3228, RT2177, RT3496, CB53 (three pictures)

More of the preserved buses emerged into the light: RF48 headed off for Burnham Beeches; RF269 went round the block off the 450; RCL2260 took a full load out on the 457D to Pinewood.

RF48 on 442 leaves Slough Bus Stn RF269 on 460 in Slough Bus Stn RCL2260 on 457D leaves Slough Bus Stn

It was time for me to go for a ride. I headed back into the bus station, and found RT3254 loading for a trip to Old Windsor on the 417...

Part 2: 417: Slough to Old Windsor and back (RT3254)

All photos by Ian Smith. Click on most of them for a larger picture.

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