RLH61, RLH23 at Merton Garage

Worcester Park Running Day

Sunday 10th August 2008

Prepared by Ian Smith, 1st September 2008.

Epsom to New Malden

93: Epsom to North Cheam (RM1033)

Standing in front of RT3148 at Epsom Clock was Quality Line's new Trident Enviro400, DD09, waiting to depart on a 406 to Kingston. RM1033 had pulled past both buses to pull up at the next stop, a little way along the High Street. I trotted along to climb aboard, as it was already due out on the 93.

DD09 at Epsom. RM1033 at Epsom.

RT3148 set off back to Morden Station via Banstead. I settled into the front downstairs seat on RM1033 for the ride east on the 93. Along the road to Ewell I pondered that my previous last trip along here was on RT3148, on the 470 during last year's Carshalton Running Day. But after Ewell we took the road to North Cheam instead of that to Sutton. We passed Green Line Routemaster RMC1469, which was heading for Epsom on the 712.

RT3148 at Epsom. RM1469 on 712.

At North Cheam I alighted, and popped across the road for a quick photo before it moved on towards Morden and Putney Heath.

RM1033 at North Cheam. RM1033 at North Cheam.

T31 at North Cheam on 213. My plan was to catch an RF northwards on the 213, but I must have just missed one, for I was in for a longer wait than I expected. But it was not without interest. T31 came purring up southwards on the 213, heading for Sutton. Surrounding cars made a clear shot impossible at the stop. As it moved off I realised it was take the shot - with cars - or not at all.

Next along was Q83, also on the 213 heading for Sutton (despite the rear blind claiming to be on the 127).

I crossed the road, wondering if enough people would change off it to allow me on. No chance. I contented myself with a photo and recrossed the road to the northbound stop. STL2377 appeared at the crossroads, but turned south for Sutton on the 156.

Q83 at North Cheam on 213. Q83 at North Cheam.

127: North Cheam to Malden (RLH61)

An RF came along - the other way. Country Area RF667 was on the 127, turning left here to head for Morden Station. But then came RLH61, the other way on the 127. I climbed aboard and headed for Worcester Park.

RF667 at North Cheam on 127. RLH61 at North Cheam on 127.

Approaching Worcester Park we met "D130" coing the other way on the 127, and I happily took pictures as it passed, unaware that my camera had stopped winding on. About thirty pictures ended up spread over about five frames! Oblivious to this, I continued on RLH61 to Malden (Fountain), where I crossed the road to find that elusive RF on the 213...

Part Eight: New Malden onwards

Photos by Ian Smith (or Peter Larkham as shown). Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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