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London General PVL

Part3: 2002

Go-Ahead's double-deck procurement in 2002 added more types to their mix, with Volvo chassis sporting East Lancs Myllenium bodywork, EVL1-37, going to Sutton; Volvo chassis with Wright Eclipse bodies (WVL1-81) going to Stockwell and Putney, and another fourteen Tridents with President bodies (PDL) going to Stockwell for the 88. There were more PVLs too, distinguishable from the rear by a different design of light clusters. (Newer PDLs had these too).

PVL250-272 for Bexleyheath and Stockwell

The double-deckers started to arrive in March. The plan had been for all of the PVLs to go to Bexleyheath, but plans changed. Just four (PVL250-253) went to Bexleyheath that month, to oust the last four Titans there. But PVL254-266 went instead to Stockwell, to convert single-decker route 345 to double-decker, as the anticipated WVLs had not yet arrived. These PVLs wore London Central livery and logos, as they were just on loan.

Meanwhile New Cross had taken up some of the allocation on route 89 using PVLs, alongside those from Bexleyheath.

GarageRoute noRoute
SW (Stockwell)345South Kensington Stn - Chelsea - Battersea Bridge - Battersea - Clapham Junction Stn - Clapham High Street - Stockwell Station - Brixton - Loughborough Junction - Denmark Hill - Camberwell Green - Peckham Bus Stn

PDL14-26 for Stockwell

A further fourteen Presidents on Dennis Trident chassis were produced in May/June. They went to Stockwell from June for the 88 and 37, releasing WVLs to Putney for the take-up of route 85 in June.

PVL273-312 for Camberwell

Another forty PVLs were for Camberwell, where they would be stable-mates with the Alexander-bodied Volvos (AVL class). They were intended to replace Volvo Olympians (NVs) on routes 35 and 40. Of course, they appeared on other Camberwell routes, such as the 12.

PVL328 on 40, London Bridge

PVL328 comes off London Bridge, bound for Dulwich Library on route 40, April 2006.

GarageRoute noRoute
Q (Camberwell)35Shoreditch - Liverpool Street Stn - London Bridge - Elephant & Castle - Camberwell Green - Brixton - Clapham Common - Clapham Junction
Q (Camberwell)40Aldgate - Monument - London Bridge - Elephant & Castle - Camberwell Green - East Dulwich - Dulwich Library

Part 4: 2003

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