Grey-Green Volvo B10Ms

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912-923, 925: Volvo B10M-55

Volvo B10M-55 drawing Grey-Green did not just use Volvo B10M chassis for double-deckers. The company also won the tender for route 210 to start in September 1990. This did not actually have a low bridge on route, but the contract specified single-deckers to avoid potential conflicts near the Finsbury Park terminus, (where a low bridge has claimed many casualties over the years). Low trees at Kenwood were also a problem. Grey Green ordered thirteen single-decker Volvo B10M-55s (it was a familiar chassis to the old coaching firm), and had East Lancs put their EL2000 bodywork on it. Somehow this came out with a product looking nothing like the same bodywork style on Dennis Lance or Dennis Dart chassis! These all went to work on the 210 between Finsbury Park Station and Brent Cross Shopping Megaplex.

From May 1993 the Volvos were also used on the evening service on route 125.

They were made redundant in the summer of 1998 when Frank Thorpe took over operation of route 210 with low-floor Darts. Some found service in October when Limebourne went into receivership, when Arriva North-East provided them to operate route 42. But that was only a temporary respite, and in 1999 they were dispersed to other parts of the Arriva empire. Then went during the spring to Arriva Scotland West. (five of these subsequently moved to Arriva North East in 2004). The other three went to Arriva Midlands North in August 1999.

855-861: Volvo B10M-61

Volvo B10M-61 drawing By spring 1992 Grey-Green was needing more single-deckers to work the newly-acquired route 179, and had seven of its B10M coaches rebodied with similar (but longer) East Lancs EL2000 bodies, seating 49. They lasted five years on the 179 and 20, until at re-tender Grey-Green replaced them with new low-floor Darts.

So in April 1997 they were all transferred to County Bus at Harlow. They did not stay there long, all moving during the summer and autumn of 1997 to Arriva Colchester. Three moved on again in 2001 to Arriva The Shires, where they became trainers.
Volvo B10M-61 drawing

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