The BeeLine Volvo Olympians

This page created 11th March 2007. by Ian Smith

First BeeLine received six Volvo Olympians with low-height Alexander RL bodies in June 2000. They were four year old buses from First Glasgow (No1), and replaced Leyland Olympians that were bound for Eastern Counties. They had digital displays.

They were repainted, two in First Bee-Line colours of yellow and blue, and the other four in overall adverts of various hues. They went into service on the 191, 192, 193, 194 group of routes, based on Bracknell, which they shared with single-decker Scanias. From October they were concentrated on the 192 (Reading - Slough - Heathrow Airport).

They were the only double-deckers in the area, so were well route-restricted. They continued in situ at Bracknell until April 2006, when the first two were moved to Slough to add extra capacity to the 74. 179 followed in September, taking over the 335 from 34106 (which had been earlier been drafted in from Uxbridge with the route).

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